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  • late food query

    Hi guys, I'm on my second day of DC training (albeit not official yet, unfortunately).

    I'm 6'2" 165-170lbs. I have been calorie counting for a few months during my last workout split, and I was generally increasing my calories as I wasn't gaining. From the start of my working out until now, I've increased calories from 2200 a day (yeah way too little), to about 3400 cals.

    Still, I was looking at john berardi's massive eating cal counter and worked out I should be eating around 3700, so this is what I'm planning to eat on the DC method... I don't want diet holding me back.

    The thing is I try to do this at 40/40/20 P/C/F, but damn... is it hard to get the calories in. I woke at 5:30am this morning hungry, so I dutifully had some oatmeal and protein shake and went back to bed. I'm 5 meals in and about to have my 6th at 9:30pm...

    because it's late I'm figuring no carbs, so I'm making it up with olive oil and flax. The thing is this is going to blow 40/40/20 out because I didn't eat enough carbs today, but I can't have any now I don't think (stomach has been CRAMMED all day).

    Bottom line, is it cool just to pile on the fat into this meal, and then have a P+F protein shake at 11:30 or so before bed?

    here, you can see my diet here:

    I think the overall question I'm trying to ask is, is 3200-3700cals enough for me to be getting at my weight (165 ish) and is it ok for much more than 20% to come from good fats?

    bleurghhh better see how that steak is cooking now


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    We have no idea of knowing how many calories you need. It's very hard to determine. 3700 sounds like a good number, but it's such an individual thing. If you can get in more, then by all means do it! Just follow Dante's eating principles and you will gain at your fastest rate without adding a large amount of bodyfat.


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      mother glory, my aching stomach

      1349 cals from protein today.

      I realise you can't go into details and that's fair enough for $400 bucks!

      I don't fully know his principles for that reason.

      I go by what I have read elsewhere, what I can piece together from what I've seen of dc training so far, and what I feel my idiosyncracies are regarding food.

      Basically, eat every 2.5-3hrs, don't mix fat and carbs in the same meal, no carbs late at night (although I'm only going to start obeying that with this increase in calories...before I ate carbs at night no problems). Although on training days I train at night, so it is carbs at night in that case. At least 40% calories from protein (for me at that calorie level that is 1400cals). Complex carbs only except PWO, healthy fats, loads of vegetables, plenty of fibre, some fruit but only in the mornings. etc etc..

      I used to go by 40/40/20, now I may have to increase fats to actually be able to fit it all inside me. Today has been 42/29/29.


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        hey bro, if u are 6'2 165lbs, and are having trouble getting down enough food, do not focus on complex carbs. it will fill u up too much. oatmeal is great, but the fiber slows digestion and keeps u full, switch that up to grits or cream of wheat, maybe a granola cereal. Bagels, instant mashed potatos, yogurt, chili, are all good sources but will not keep u to full to eat what u need. While its good to keep ratios, it doesnt have to perfect. i get caught up with too sometimes, but 40/30/30 is good too. Hell 50pro/20carb/30fat is good as well. If u eat like u outlined u will be in good shape. I am willing to bet it will be extremly hard for u to get fat, even if u tried to. So EAT!!!
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        -Vander V


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          thanks for the advice byrd, it's true I am definitely getting somewhere. I made good progress in the 8 months since I started, but I feel things are taking off on this program.

          Oatmeal is fine for me, I can't get enough of the stuff. What I will try to avoid is downing MRPs / Protein shakes that are super blended up with frozen fruit. They bloat me for hours.. but if I wait for the air bubbles to leave, they're fine.

          You're right about the ratios I think. I'm coming around to the way of thinking that you really just choose P+C or P+F based on your activities, prior or upcoming, and the ratios just turn out how they turn out...between 40/40/20 and 40/20/40


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            yea the mrp's are mostly geared towards weight loss and fitness people, they keep u full so u can 'gain lean muscle', whatever. get just whey blend and add ur own carbs in. its cheaper that way too. a lot less bloat.

            When upping ur calories, follow this plan for ur meals. this is from Berardi on his massive eating plan in a newer article:

            Gradual Energy Increases
            — what macronutrients to include when it’s time to schedule your bi-weekly energy increase. Revisiting the idea that you’ll slowly be increasing energy intake every two weeks or so, it’s important to clarify both which meals should contain the extra energy (calories) and which macronutrients should make up this energy.
            While personal insulin sensitivity and personal preferences can be important in deciding this, the system I use is relatively straightforward in most cases.
            Step 1: Continue with Seven Habits.
            Step 2: Increase carb energy (+250kcal) in workout and post-workout drinks.
            Step 3: Increase carb energy (+250kcal) in first post-workout food meal.
            Step 4: Add carb energy (+250kcal) in breakfast on workout days.
            Step 5: Add fat energy (+250kcal) spread out through the day.
            Step 6: Repeat Step 5.
            Follow your dreams but dont let your life become one.
            -Vander V


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              monkeyd it looks like you are on the right track with choosing either P+C or P+F. i personally like the P+C because i love rice and it helps me to feel more hydrated and energetic. one more thing that i'll mention is that the only thing you need to count is protein grams. well, i'll leave it at that since i'm not allowed to get too detailed.


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