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Dumbbell incline bench question

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  • Dumbbell incline bench question

    I'm starting out with a DC type routine (too poor to pay $400 so I have to gather what free info I can), and am aware of people's general avoidance of flat benching.

    I'm going to start with slight incline DB presses, and I'm wondering what the best technique is - do people go palms facing in, or palms away, or do they rotate from in (bottom) to away (top) and back?

    Thanks for your advice

    Alex Gingell

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    Palms away, straight setted for 15-30 reps. No rest pause on DBs with pressing movements.


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      really? I was going to rp it. Do you mind if I ask why this is the case?

      I do the arnold shoulder presses, because I really feel the rotation makes it even more of a compound movement and it is harder, I thought the same thing would apply to this.

      Does this mean arnold shoulder presses should be ditched for straightforward shoulder presses (and they should be straight setted?)

      Thanks for any help, I'm new to the DC way (which makes SO much sense it's unreal btw) so I could use some guidance, but I'm aware that people have paid for information like this, so if it's too much info to give out don't worry.

      Thank you


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        monkeyd, Yes you can r/p DBs, keep the reps high in the 15-30 range, it would be nice if you could go with BB, Smythe or a chest machine...
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          In-human, yes I can go with all of those.

          I purposefully went with DBs because I wanted to strengthen the stabiliser muscles, and I didn't feel the smith machine did that. Also I workout alone, so DBs are easier to go to failure on than a bbell. If you think it better that I pick bbell or smith I will go with your advice though?

          So I should rp both the chest press and the shoulder press (can I keep the arnold press?) And we should be talking a total of 15-30 reps for the whole work set for each?

          Thanks for you help in-human.



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            monkeyd, I think you can do r/p better on the Smythe than anything else, especially training alone, a lot safer.

            Let keep reps at 11-15 for chest and shoulders, and you will r/p both of them, I personally do not like A Press, stick with Smythe Military, Behind the Neck Press or any other shoulder machines you have.

            Let try to leave DBs for Biceps and Forearms...
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              ok I will take your advice.

              As I'm just about to head to the gym, let me just double check...

              a rest pause set is going to failure, finishing on the negative, resting for 10-15 breaths (around 20s) then going again, rinse, repeat.

              I won't do statics as this is my first time. I guess I move to DBs to do the extreme chest stretch though.

              incidentally, I may as well check the rest of the wo..

              I was going to do r/p sets for Lying triceps extensions, lat pulldowns

              and a straight 8, heavy 4 for SLDLs

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                monkeyd, You are go to go, write it all down in your log book and tear it up.

                Yes we do DBs for stretches, no problem there.

                Save the statics for a little while til you know your recouperation ability, you should be ready for those in 2 weeks or so.

                Good luck and enjoy...
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                  monkeyd, Sorry yes on the r/p for Triceps and Back Width, and that is fine on SLDL...
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                    written down, and ready to rock

                    Thanks for your kind help!

                    I'll let you know how it goes, I was in sore need of a routine change, and I just took a week off.

                    hopefully I'll never go to another routine, but I'm expecting to get my ass kicked today, so my ego is caged up at home for this one.


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                      monkeyd, Good lets keep it that way, the ego stays in the parking lot or at home...
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                        I just thought I'd update you on my workout (as I sit here sweating after my double strength green tea, chili con carne/sweet potatoe/butternut squash/broccoli/asparagus/green bean marathon pwo meal).

                        It went pretty well considering it was my first attempt. I can definitely see how it will be effective, and plan on really sticking with it.

                        My weights did drop quite a bit (and they weren't all that to start with)...those negatives really sap your strength! However that is fine, I had started losing strength on my last program, so I am happy to go back to basics and work my way up again, eating like a bastard this time.

                        Anyway (warming up for each) I did:

                        Slight incline smith bench, wide-ish grip: 6, 3, 1.5 @ Bar + 40kg
                        Stretch felt good, i.e. painful

                        Smith mil. press (in front): 6.5, 3.5, 3 @ Bar + 25kg
                        Same with the stretch here, good stuff.

                        Lying Tri Ext.: 9 (no failure), 5, 4 @ 10kg (12's were taken)
                        Stretch was ok, I will get it better next time.

                        Lat Pull down, wide grip: 9(no failure), 4.5, 2.5
                        Stretch: I literally wasn't strong enough to hang on long enough to get a decent stretch after damn grip sucks.

                        SLDL: I only recently started these at all so I'm keeping the weights low and building slow... feeling it out.

                        8@35kg, [email protected], 4@50kg, [email protected]... these were easy though...must increase a lot.

                        Then some ab work to finish:
                        Knee/Leg Raises to failure: 32, 21, 17
                        Cable Crunch: 9, 4, 3 @ 45kg (after warmups)
                        6 inch leg raise: 1min
                        Side planks: 75s (usually 90s)
                        Front plank: 90s (usually 2mins, but fried)

                        I know, these weights suck...but they will improve if it kills me.

                        One other thing...I know people are recommended to cut carbs after a certain time. The thing is, I have to work out in the evening around 7-8pm. I generally get my pwo shake at 8-8:30pm, and my pwo meal at 9-9:30. Then I generally relax and shower etc, and have another meal just before bed consisting of large amounts of slow burning carbs and fast / slow proteins to kick start some synthesis and keep me anti-catabolic through the night. My question is, carbs are ok / even necessary before bed if training has taken place in the evening right ?

                        I don't think I am too carb sensitive in terms of fat gain because I usually have a bowl of oatmeal + casein in skim milk before bed, even on non-training days or even during time off, and I always seem to wake up lean and mean?