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  • question for 1st cruise

    alright bro's, next week ill be starting my 1st cruise,, ive gone back to the cfp thread for some of my answers but was wondering if some of you guys can help,, i know dc leaves it up to us what to do ,, so will i be cool on straight setting some of my exercises ? also because i will be losing one meal can i use a thermogenic to help with the fat loss ?
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    From what I know, you need to straight set ALL your exercises. Not sure about the thermo, you'd have to check up with Dante.


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      cool thanks allen ,,
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        mobsta, This cruise if for easy lifting and eating, no r/p, no statics and no super slow negatives, we go for a straight set of 15, we are going maybe 90% of max here. When you hit the 15th rep on your workset you know you might be alble to get one more rep, but you dont.

        This is a time to try new exercises for ones that you may want to change next blast if you feel like it, or ones that you are topping out on.

        No need for thermos here, when you drop that one meal per day you will lose some water and fat here, your strength may tip down just slightly, but when you come back to blasting you will surpass the weights you left off on in 1 or 2 weeks from the last blast. You will be chomping to get the other meal in at the end of the cruise, you will almost feel hungry all the time, missing that one meal.

        Ok we still do 5 exercises per workout and 3 days per week, but if you need to take another day off, lift 2 times in one week, this is time to recoup and heal up and have some fun the way the gym used to be before we met DC...
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