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  • When to start using rest-pause


    Today I'm starting my third cycle of DC training. On the 2nd cycle, weight and/or reps was up on almost every exercise. On only a few exercises, I stayed on the same weight/reps. Every one of those exercises were exercised I also used in my previous HIT-style routine. I did a Mentzer-type routine with pre-exhaustion on most exercises up until the Easter holidays, then started DC after Easter.

    Also, I still have some trouble eating enough, and I expect my increases will be better when I get that sorted out. Just did some bulk shopping of meat & chicken

    As I've seen recommended, I have started out doing only straight sets. I've also done only one set for legs and deadlifts.

    Now, starting my third cycle, I was thinking that it's a good idea to add one rest-pause set for each exercise and see how that goes. Since I don't use enough weight on leg exercises to feel the need to wrap my knees just yet, I thought I'd rest-pause legs too. On deads I had a good increase in both weight and reps, and I'm being a little careful because of some back trouble, so I'll just stick with that one set for now.

    Any thoughts? I'm doing the 3 days a week routine (mon-wed-fri or tue-thu-sat).

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    Tummen, Yes take care of that back you may need that the rest of your life.

    You can do r/p right from the start, unless you are just coming of a cycle or an injury.

    Leave statics out til you know what kind of recouping powers you have.

    Remember to keep Back Thinckness and Quad exercises to straight sets.

    Good luck and enjoy your pain...
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