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    From what I understand Quads are the only exercise where multiple sets(excluding warmup) are used. If not please explain. With quads one does a heavy set and then a 20 repper-Unless you are in-human who requires a 3rd additional set. With this I assume you are trying to beat the log with your first set correct? Or do you need to beat the log with the first and then the 2nd?

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    Yes, we do two sets for quads, unless Dante says otherwise. We also do two sets for deadlifts.

    I train quads the way you mentioned. One heavy set of 6-10 followed by a lighter but still as heavy as possible 20 rep destroyer and I love it. The idea is to beat the logbook on BOTH sets.

    For the first set you might beat the logbook on weight, or reps or both. For the second I try to stay at 20 reps and add more weight at every session.
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      rugbythug, Always beat that log book, with either weight or reps on every workset you do...
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