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  • Quick story and question

    So here is the story, i am doing the DC thing to a "T" and i get to 217 from 200 within a month and half (natural), but i did the cardio wrong and NO green tea (i know, i know..). so needless to say i gained some fat (not a ton though).
    So then i move down to Al Kut from Baghdad (oh yeah, i am in Iraq....extended here) and i can't work out for a month (no gym). i get down to 210 and at a less bodyfat, so i get a gym going (makin' haji free market drug deals for weights; .02 $ per kg for weight), and after getting back on eating through the roof, protein sky high (500 +), green tea, i am amazed that after 2 weeks of working out again i am up to 220 with LESS bodyfat (it seems muscle DOES have memory and i DID properly stretch the fashia--> extreme stretching works!). now time for my question:

    Q(1): so i do cardio 4 days a week to keep fat down and my carb cut off time is 1700 (5:00 pm). however, i need another cardio session me thinks, but i am having the hardest time finding another cardio slot. should i do another session during the evening of a chest/shoulder/tri/back w/back thick day (i work out mid morning), or should i double up on cardio on sat.(my split is M-W-F-M)? please note that days i work out i am dead to the world...and also please note that my cardio is walking for 45 minutes (should i possibly just up that to an hour instead of adding another session?)

    Thanks for the help!

    I'll put a few pics of my ghetto gym in Al Kut..

    Rock on,

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    another....yeah buddy!


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      ....light weight!! (sorry i am on a ronnie kick..)


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        That is bad ass brother. Get big and get a nice tan at the same time.

        Log Book PIMP! It ain't a crime if it likes it!


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          Rack deads----yup yup!


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            Little hardcore gym you got there bro, good luck!

            "Keep your purpose in mind, simply go to the gym and do your workout, do it well and don't worry
            what other people are doing. Confidence will grow as you achieve."

            "If you believe in yourself, have dedication and pride and never quit, you'll be a winner. The price of
            victory is high, but so are the rewards"


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              Dude, those weights are so awesome! Now that's hardcore! Personally, I'd just up cardio to an hour for right now. My question is, they sell everything you need there in terms of diet? You said you are still getting 500+ grams of protein, green tea, etc. Are you getting protein powder, too? Hey man, my name is USMuscle9403 on AIM, hit me up. This is really interesting, I'd like to talk to you more about it.


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                alrght, we have this dining facility owned by the brits and powered by Indians. i eat there 4x per day, and i get about 4 plates of food each time (i need to keep waiting in line though). i had a ton of green tea and a made a deal with the british workers that i will bring them music ("american music, mate") that t hey can play in their rec room and they will supply me with an industrial coffee brewer in their break room. i still had about 20 lbs of protein so i am still doing alright in that department.

                about the question i asked, i thnk i am just going to knock up the cardio to an hour, that does seem like the smarter idea because i was doing 45 minute sessions 4x per week, and if i add 15 minutes to each session taht would be another 60 minute session, thus solvng my problem.

                i might as well post a picture of the Dfac that i call home (they dont like seeing me there....).....

                oh yeah, and last night i had my first night sweats.....oh i am so excited...i feel like a virgin on prom night!

                Rock on, Shivan


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                  Shiv, I think your 4 days of cardio is enough, just pay close attention to how your food is taken in, what you are mixing together.

                  If you need to do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach with just a protein shake in water.

                  And if that don't work, hang a piece of camel meat off your ass and let 4 or 5 of those huge spiders chase your ass around the desert, that ought to do it...
                  "That damn log book"

         Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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                    In-Human, hey bro! of course i watch EXACTLY what is in my meals. i never mix and match, you can count on that!

                    I do cardio after waking up on an empty stomach with 30 g protein in water (would it be okay to mix it with green tea? i like the flavor) for 60 minutes now 4x per week. Another thing i decided to do was to kick back the carb cut off time to before my 6 o'clock meal (i get off shift at 2 AM, so i sleep after that), so my carb cutoff time change is going to help me a lot.

                    and if there happened to be any camel meat around.....i would have eaten it by now!! all i would have to do is throw it on the concrete and watch it sizzle....mmm......camel.......

                    Thanks for the Help!!!