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Mythbusters: Dc Approved????

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  • Mythbusters: Dc Approved????

    It's been brought up time and time again so i thought I would take this opportunity to help dispel this myth......
    Dante himself has stated that there is NO DC APPROVED EXERCISE LIST!
    You may see some floating around in internet world but it was not a list created by Dante.
    Now regarding the exercises you should use:
    Are there exercises that are "better or more suited for" DC training? ABSOLUTELY!
    But does this mean you cannot do a certain exercise if you feel very strongly that you need it? NO IT DOES NOT.
    However, keep in mind you have limited opportunity to spur growth with basically only 3 exercises for each muscle group. Choose wisely...... big, basic, compounds are usually the best bet.

    When choosing your exercises ask yourself these 3 questions:
    1) Does this exercise adequately hit the intended target muscle?
    2) Can I make progress in the amount of weight I can use on this particular exercise throughout the length of my blast?
    3) Can I take this exercise to the required failure point in a relatively safe manner so that I improve my chances of remaining injury free (and

    Here's an old thread also discussing this:
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    Great post!
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      Excellent post, KR.

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      The Book Has Arrived!

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        great guidlines, thank you
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        Best thread ever!!


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          Great post man, very helpful for the confused.
          Just because im sick of typing this over and over again, i'll just put this in my sig:
          Just train heavier than last time, eat alot of food with protein being priority, rest easy, and leave it alone. It ain't rocket science, and it doesn't need to become rocket science!


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            Great post!


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              excellent post....sorry to disappoint the folks who want an exact blue-print..
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                Well put KR!

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                    Great post Rok. Makes me realize how much I miss Ted on here.
                    We got Future in there talking about JM presses a year and a half ago.

                    For any of you guys that want to learn, search Future's posts as well from time to time you won't be disappointed.
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                      thanks guys all very useful info!
                      weight training and nutrition are two very simple endeavors. In fact, they are both primal instincts we are born with. Too many people are making this stuff way too complicated. Keep it simple and basic. It works every time. Hard work and consistency always pay big dividends. -exmgq

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                        Great post KR.
                        I've seen that list posted as gospel so many times it's ludicrous.
                        "This sport is about extremes - using weights you havent used previously, taking in amounts of food to build greater muscle mass-in amounts you never have done previously, & doing the cardio to keep you at an acceptable offseason training bodyfat that keeps you happy." Dante

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                          Originally posted by BigDownUnder
                          Great post KR.
                          I've seen that list posted as gospel so many times it's ludicrous.
                          I actually thought it was a list made by Dante when I first started learning about DC. I really am glad that was cleared up.


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                            This was a great post - your points are very valid!


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                              I want to know if this is true.........Is it true that Dante recommend you doing your presses on smith machine for safty reasons? Because on my last blast, all my chest presses were done on smith, and next blast I want to try incline press.