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    Are there any dieting books that you guys would recommend to get a better grasp on competition dieting, direutics, and just general good to the point info. Thanks for any help.
    I currently own "The Metabolic Diet,"and "Nutrition for serious athletes." The first one is a protein based diet with very low carbs, high protein and moderate fat during the week and high carbs, moderate protein, and low fat on the weekends (sort of like a shitload during the weekend). The second one I sadly found out it was a carb based diet with moderate protein and low fat the entire time which I dont really agree with and would definetely be hard to maintain for long periods of time. Anyway any more book info would be appreciated.

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    I can tell you one to avoid--"Power Eating" is also a carb-based book even though it claims to cater to bodybuilders and powerlifters. I think if you ate book you'd get more protein than the author suggests you settle for. I liked the Metabolic Diet, though.


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      Franco Columbu's A Bodybuilders Nutrition Book is fairly good. He is my favorite older bodybuilder and is a very smart man, but his diet plans are a little stupid. Almost all the rest of the information is very good, though. It is cheap too, I ordered mine through Waldenbooks and it was only like $15.00. Good vitamin/mineral info as well. The reason I say his diet plans are stupid is because he plans out very low calorie diets. I honestly don't think those diets that he recommends would exceed 1500 calories. It's a good book though.


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        Sometimes I think how amazing it is that the 1970's generation of bodybuilders were as impressive as they were. Obviously, everyone knows about Arnold, but if you look at the pictures of Franco and Sergio Oliva, you see some really, really impressive guys.


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          Franco is one of my all time favorite bodybuilders. There were tons of very impressive guys back then. Serge Nubret, too. Would you believe he was 6' and only around 200 lbs? The guy looked like a monster because his physique was so damn impressive! Franco was a legend in his own right. One of the strongest men in the world, too. It was really something to look at those pics of him deadlifting well in excess of 700 lbs with relative ease.


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            I swear there is a scene in Pumping Iron where Franco rest a bar with 315 on his own chest to finish a conversation. I have always thought that was amazing.

            Nubret abs were outstanding and are regarded as some of the best ever.

            "The Myth" still remians one of my favorites of all time. I personally think his arms are among the best of all-time, with all due respect to Lee Priest.

            To me, and I think you just hit on it with your post, was how aesthetically consious those guys were. The ILLUSION of size was what they were creating, as well.

            Franco was one strong SOB, so that doesn't mean I'm bashing him, at all. In fact, I truly believe that the dedication of some of those guys was actually even more impressive than some of todays pros. Comparing Ronnie's work ethic to Arnold's is pointless. They're both animals. I wil say, though, that chemicals are a great equalizer these days.

            There is no doubt in my mind that with today's knowledge of training and supplements, the top bodybuilders of any era would be right there with Ronnie. They are all great champions that I respect tremendously.


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              okay, a few books, sure why not:

              1) Bodyopus by the late great Dan Duchaine
              2) Anabolic Diet by Mauro Di Pasquale
              3) Ultimate dieting handbook by Dan Duchaine
              4) New Diet Revolution by Dr. Atkins

              but since ths is the DOGGPOUND forum and we are talking about DOGGCRAPP TRAINING, i will tell you this:

              cardio everymorning (maybe except when training legs) with a thermogenic for 45min-1 hour on a treadmill set at 3.4 (or so). adjust your carb cut off time and for the love of God keep eating, don't waste away muscle trying to l ose fat, let the cardio take your weight off of you, you ate big to get there, why change?

              That was all from the CFP thread(not word for word).....tons of answers in there for all of your questions.....just read it. some things have changed since then, but that still works great!

              Rock on,