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  • I'm Not Big On Cruises...But...

    Thank God for this one. After 8 weeks I was spent, and my body is just beginning to wake back up and get the energy back. Over the beginning of the last blast to now I gained a total of 23 lbs in 2 months (8 weeks) all natural and about 50 lbs to my lifts in general. Overall, some happiness. Experimenting with different exercises is always great also, like figuring out I can't low angle incline in a power rack, so Smythe, here I come. I think I'll just decline Smythe also, because if I don't get the Smythe machine at my gym then the PTP (Personal Trainer Prick) will put his clients on there for the most retarded training in existence.

    Kinda just ranting, but I can't wait until the cruise is over already. :showoff:
    5'8'', 215 lbs.

    Raw powerlifter.

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    Re: I'm Not Big On Cruises...But...

    Originally posted by Khan
    Over the beginning of the last blast to now I gained a total of 23 lbs in 2 months (8 weeks) all natural :showoff:

    That's the way to kick some arse!

    Congrats bro - great work! You certainly have earned a little R&R.


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      Khan, Sorry I missed your call last night, hey, I am old and it was passed 8pm, so I need to sleep to grow to get over this hump to 300.

      Call me tonight before 8 dammit...
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        Good job bro, what are you weighing in at these days? Did you pass the 200 mark?


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          I'm 5'8'', so the 200 mark will be appreciated when I hit it (especially with less than 2 years of lifting), I was almost to it when I had to start my cruise, I've dropped a good deal of water and what not so I'm sitting on 188 so far through the cruise. Which is like 4-5 lbs down from what I was at, at least. I cut the creatine `per Raul's advice`, and upped glutamine to compensate for the one less meal. Next blast I'll more than clear 200 because I've gained 20-25 lbs per blast on DC and there is no sign of slowing down.

          Guys like Silverback who are 250+ and shorter than me are real jaw dropping freaks. The way I want to be.

          In-Human, I'll be calling you before 8 tonight. To see what's kickin' around in my training and the fun you're havin' dealin' with others. Keep going `Ass to the Grass` and you'll pass that damn 300 mark.
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          5'8'', 215 lbs.

          Raw powerlifter.


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            You'll get it in no time khan. I'm also not tall Im 5'9''. I always thought I was 5'10'' but when I got a check up at the doc a few weeks ago she said I was 5'9''. I've been training for about 1 1/2 years and Im also looking forward to that 200 mark Im not too far from it (Im currently 196) so I think I should get to it before the end of this blast.
            Silverback is a freak seeing his offseason pics motivates the hell out of me hes a beast. I cant wait to see some of Inhumans pics when he starts cutting your almost to 300 bro just drive east find a farm and eat through there cow supply.