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    I simply do not eat enough. Can you guys post a typical daily diet plan I can use as a guide?

    I need to take in 3500-4000 calories a day preferably using a 50%p/30%c/20%f split (unless otherwise advised).

    I am 5' 9" and weight in at a whopping 190. I have a basal metobolic rate of 2300 (per test). I am sitting at approximately 8-10% bf.

    I would like to get to 210 leaned out to 8% bf. So I assume that means I need to hit 220 with 12% bf before cutting?

    The problem is, I have no idea what to eat in order to get that many calories into my body.
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    Here is what i am about do. It worked well for me last year and kept me around 12-13% while gaining. I got up to 234 from 215. This run through i have added more fats in with each meal. the totals are 4173 cals, 355 carbs(29%), 427 pro(44%), 120 fat(28%). It is very basic, but i can eat way too much if dont stay structured.

    1-10 egg whites, 3 0z shrimp(or 20gram protein shake), 1cup mixed veggies and 1 cup green beans. 1 tbs flaxolive or canola oil.

    2-etrx shake or similar, 1cupGB/! cup mixed, 1 tbs oil

    3-6oz chicken, 1cup green bean(GB)and 1 cup mixed, 1 tbs oil

    4- same as #2

    5-Same as #3

    6-preworkout-1/2 serve nLarge, 1 scoop 20 gram whey

    7 post-1 serve n large

    8- Same as #2
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