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    This is a fairly new erxercise for me--but now that I have to do 3 exercises pr body part I need to incorporate ALL EXERCISES so....heres the question
    I normally can do 280 for 6 reps on deadlifts--what should I be trying to do as far as amount of weight is concerned for sldl?Do I want to add enough weight so I can max out at 12 reps? or I've heard that even though some guys can do 2x as much they keep the weight down for sldl for some reason.

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    This is a very difficult movement to get the "feel" of. If this is a new movement for you, I would not go over 135 until you get the feel of it. It is way to easy to put your lower back into the movement. Just remember to thrust your hips forward when you come up, like you are humping the bar (sorry, lack of descriptors here). Squeeze the glutes and hams.
    Do not straighten your back all the way. Leave it about 30 degrees shy of straight. Then back down until the bb touches the tops of your shoes. Look forward as you go down, not at the floor. Takes a lot of concentration.