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2 lifting questions..,

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  • 2 lifting questions..,

    is close grip bench more for the chest or triceps? I know it hits both,but I want to be able to use it in my 3 exercises rotation--for chest? or tris?

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      ok yea the 2nd question was can you count seated milatarys with a bb 1 exercise and seated db presses as another? or is it too much of the same exercises too count as 2 different exercises?
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        tugs, That would be fine, it would be nice if you could stick with Smythe, Barbells or Machines, since Dumbells can be very tough to r/p...
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          yea I know --but due to the fact that I can only workout from home-i gotta do what I can--and all i have at home is a power rack,bench,bars weights and a leg curl/extension machine.


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            Tugs I urge you to invest in yourself and join a well stocked gym. this is all about constant forward every strength plateau on an exercise you switch to a new exercise and destroy that new one--and so on and so on--if you give yourself limited equipment, your gains are going to be limited over time
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              yea -- I hear you--just tell it to my wife and 5 kids(all teenagers)!