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    Wow, it has taken me a month to get through all the different forums and threads with Doggcrapp training, and I'm quite sure I haven't read them all! I'm not someone that cares to follow the trendy flock, but I really like the concept behind this method.

    Just some background, I am a 36 year old female with a martial arts background that did several years of bodybuilding (not contest) and gave it up for a while to raise some kids, finish degree, etc. My diet got way out of hand and I looked like a soccer mom for a while, but I started back in October of last year and am completely loving it again!

    I'm 5'2" (that's being generous) 122 lbs. and my goal is to put on as much mass as possible with the intention of competing in about 2 years. I want to have the kind of muscle that scares the hell out of people, but not in a Nichole Bass sort of way. I train in a fairly well-stocked garage gym because I live in a rural area and there is no other gym close by. Also, I have learned that In-Human and I seem to live in the same state. If I peek into a gym and see him, he may BBQ me for protein or find out that I have livestock.

    I started back with typical Weider volume training, but the DC system caught my eye. After A LOT of reading, I decided to give it a try. The concepts really made sense to me. I typically train very hard so I thought, "how tough can it be? Buncha wussies!"

    OW!!! Holy shite, you guys are crazy! I love it! All my poundages went down, but I knew that was to be expected at first. I normally train 4 days a week, but wanted to follow the DC stuff to the letter and am doing MWF. I started with bench presses and knew I was in big trouble after 5 minutes!

    4 things I have noticed so far:

    1) I started on 6 meals a day about 2 weeks ago and am now starving constantly before meal time. I've been eating clean foods for many months and it takes a huge amount of food to fill me up, though I know it would be merely a snack to some of you.

    2) For the first time after training, I really noticed glycogen swelling up the muscles after I had a protein and carb meal (this was about an hour after a protein shake pt).

    3) What a CNS hit! I was shaking after the training like I'd done a full hour of forearm and ham training.

    4) I am sore as hell 9 hours later and it ain't even tomorrow yet!

    I'd love to be trained by DC, but I know his wish list is a mile long and he doesn't train garage rats (I have a Smith Machine and a collection of shovels all in the same place!). I'm hoping they'll build a gym around here soon. In the meantime, thank you to DC and all the trainees that are so friendly with us newbs! I don't post much, because all the questions I have have probably already been posted and answered.

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    My wife trains DC style with me and she loves it too!!
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      Shaydee, fantastic tude girl, I would love to have a female training partner with that sort of outlook. Awesome!! Btw, if you ever run out of exercises to do, just post back here and we'll throw some at ya. Also beware of large behemoths in your area lookin for snacks, lol.

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      ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
      Good luck




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        ShayDee, You have livestock, what is your address, I could stop by and maybe give you a few pointers, lol.

        That is great that you are doing this program, I just picked up a new client and she is about the same stats as you and very tough, this woman can do 5 on each side on the Sled and Squat 225, she is so damn dedicated, I even get scared she might eat me!, but then I think about, and it kinda turns me on, anyway, good luck with your training, and if you need any help with your program or just someone to watch your animals, let us know, great guys here to help since DC is to shy to help anymore...
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          In-Human, if I let you watch my animals for more than 5 minutes I would have nothing left but a few stray feathers and hooves...oh wait, those have protein too.


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            ShayDee, You know my saying, "I love animals, they all taste great".

            I just want to tell you, I was sent to farm in the summer time since the city I grew up in was bad with gangs, so I know how tough it is to work sun up til sun down and then still train.

            So good luck to you, and keep us posted...
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              ShayDee, I did not start this program til I was 39, so age only means something to how much mass you can add in short amount of time. But it is never to late to start anything.

              What kind on equipment do you have besides the Smythe, that is the best piece for this program...
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                In-Human, it's great to know I'm not the only older person trying this. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for starting at this age, but we're only limited by what we think we can and cannot do. Fawk it, we're still a long way from adult diapers and I.V. protein shakes!

                Besides the Smythe, I've got the obligatory leg extention/curl (lying), lat pulldown, low cable, preacher curl, 2 benches, treadmill, corner roman chair/pull up station, and a family of bars and weights. I'm looking to add a leg press/hack squat when I can find one at a good price. My husband has resigned himself to the fact that I now own the garage and no cars are allowed.

                In the past, I have preferred free weights, dumbbells, and lifting solo and I know I have to change things around for this program. I really don't like the Smythe because of the way it tracks, but I'll just have to get used to it. My husband is huge but works out irregularly, while I am the opposite. I'm hoping to draft him into spotter service while getting him to lift more frequently at the same time.


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                  ShayDee, Now be gentle, we are not old, we are just very wise aren't we, yes we are.

                  And you best get the hubby on the bandwagon here, cause you will be tipping cows quicker than him in no time...
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