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  • Ouch

    I'm a policeman in the UK and just had a fun time being hit by a car whilst running after someone.

    Managed to take most of the skin off my forearms and one of my knees and hit the road with such a thud that my right pec took a serious hit. (240lbs of me at speed plus road)

    Chest feels like i've been hit with a hammer about a million times and my arms mean that getting comfortable is like a dance class.

    Sad thing is the person that hit me as I was running was a colleague - she feels really bad but said it looked spectacular.

    My mate, having heard I got hit by a car said "Is the car ok" - which made me roll about with laughter.

    You know what went through my mind when I got up and surveyed my ripped uniform and felt my chest tighten

    "Well that's me fucked for legs tonight"

    I think chest may well be an issue for a bit longer - and my elbow's developed a nice lump that wasnt there before.

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    damn, you got lucky. i am a cop in gulf shores al. & left Mobile, al. after working there for 5 years. mobile just had a cpl. die from being struck from a car directing traffic. we spend our shifts driving all day or night & we are bound to be in an accident sometime in our career.


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      Did a doctor check everything out?


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        Yeah, I'll live - maybe I should try not to outrun police cars in future !

        Pride is probably hurt the most !!


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          Whew...get better soon! ouch...


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            Glad to hear you're ok.. How bad's the car?
            Train like a freak, every time.


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              Car's good, thanks for asking - I'm starting to get that 'beat up' feeling all over now ........ it's looking like 2 missed sessions at least !


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                Enjoy the lay off and get some rest. At least you'll only miss a few sessions. I know several cops here in the U.S. that have broken bones and blown out their knees chasing after people. One guy I know broke his leg when he landed wrong after jumping a fence. Less than a year after getting back to work he blew out the knee in the same leg. He doesn't chase people anymore.
                Train like a freak, every time.


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                  Two days after this I've developed a 2-3" circular dark purple speckled bruise on my bicep (which I'm able to fully contract and touch without pain) - however my right pec is still sore to the touch and I cant contract it fully - range of shoulder motion has also decreased - might this be a little tear ??
                  I hope not - looks like a trip to the Doctor is in order - doh !


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                    Might want to check with a Chiropractor, osteopath, or someone who can do some bone setting. Sounds like you rattled your skeletal around quite a bit and hypofacilitation of a muscle (can't contract it fully) indicates you might have some vertebral misalighnment. Obviously, you can't tell online.

                    Some bone-setting / manipulation would def. be in order, though, to straighten everything out...


                    P.S. Glad the car's OK, Hoss... ;^)
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                    The Book Has Arrived!

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                      Wow, todays workout sucked - big time.
                      Chest hurt way too much for almost everything except forearms and calves !
                      Off to the Chiro tonight - I think he'll have his work cut out !!