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    Is it OK to do all three chest exercises on the smythe machine? I don't really have a reliable workout partner so a lot of time i'm by myself, so doing exercises on the smythe is just convenient.

    Right now I'm doing slight incline smythe, high incline smythe, and decline smythe. Look ok or should I be approaching this from a different angle? I wanted to do decline on regular BB but if I have a spotter this week... no guarantee i'll have one next time around. With DC's RP method, it's also a little harder to just ask a random person for a spot, cuz you gotta like give them blueprints on what your doing and when you'll need help or else they'll fuck it up.


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    James, By all means the Smythe is your friend in this program, and training alone it is perfect.

    But don't hesitate to do Decline Bench, you can do all these exercises without a spotter, of course when you get very heavy it is a must.

    Do you have any other machines in your gym for say Inclines, I think if you do very high incline it will be very tough to work shoulders very hard...
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      haha yea I do love the smythe in this program... I find myself in the corner where the smythe machine and squat rack are alot more now that i'm training DC style and I love it. I have my little "station" where i keep my log book, pen, belt, straps, and chaulk. people look at me putting chaulk on my hands as if i just grew a penis out of my forehead, but they don't say anything because i'm bigger than 98% of the kids that workout in my gym:showoffand that's not saying much about my school)

      anyways, did you mean do free weight barbell declines without a spotter? because I can't really do negatives without a spotter... and i'm always afraid to push that last rep in fear of not being able to get it up. I ended up doing decline on the smythe machine and it went fine, I just didn't know if leaving out dumbell and barbell chest exercises would cause my stabilizer muscles to fall behind or something.

      i wish we had a hammer strength incline, but we don't. my high incline is just the regular incline bench on the second setting up. it's not TOO high so i can still get some decent shoulder work in.

      lastly, is there anything else to do for shoulders besides front military press, behind the head press, and hammer press? I did behind the head presses today in the smythe and it went okay, but my shoulders are sketchy as hell because i've had problems with both of them in the past due to football. just wondering if there were some alternatives. thanks again for helping this soul in search of answers !


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        James, Ok in the rack, you can set the hooks at arm reach level to start and set the safety pins near your chest, so when you fail, you can slide out, and pick the weight back up and set it on the hooks to go again.

        You could do DB shoulder press for 20-30 reps, they will pump you like never before, of course that is r/p...
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            haha - Lol at Heckmans edit. Where do these people come from.

            Smith machines are brilliant in DC, my buddies who don't DC claim it isn't true free weights and in some senses they are right as you have a fixed plane of movement but I've had no problems growing from them.

            Inhuman is dead right about the pins, a good trick that works in most power racks, i do it for military barbell presses.

            Why not do DB presses at 20-30 RP for chest as well as shoulders?


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              I also do DB exercises for chest as I often times do not have a reliable spotter and I love them.

              The smyth is nice and I use it quite a bit, however I like to get a little variation for myself personally.



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