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be careful of quick gains...

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  • be careful of quick gains...

    ...I have just read a thread on weight/mass gains and think everyone who has reached their goals and surpassed them has done an awesome job!
    However, one must understand that carrying more weight, be it muscle or fat, can have an adverse effect on ones body if their body's are not genetically capable of holding it.
    Remember, organs such as the kidney, liver, and heart are responsible for waste management, hormone metabolism, nutrient delivery, and a host of others. If we overload these tissues that were capable of full function for a 180 pound frame with a 250 pound frame we begin to see elevated ALT, AST, nephron damage, arterial wall elasticity failure....
    If you're in it for the long term.... gain it slow and safe.

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    DEEZ, Don't beleive everything you read, lotsa bullshit in the world now a days and everyone has an opinion.

    Sure your body has to adjust just like anything else you do, internal to, liver enzymes will go up on a high protein intake and there are many ways to keep it stable.

    Not everything you read is a golden nugget...
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      You are way off base here. If you think I'm quoting BS your very wrong.
      A body that gains 50 pounds in four months is going to be put under large amounts of strain.
      Maybe you should polish up on your reading...just an oppinion.


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        DEEZ, So who said it would not be a strain, why do you think we do this program, to gain the most mass in the shortest amount of time.

        We are not doing this to gain 2-6 lbs of mass per year working out 6 days a week for a year for that kind of gain.

        Maybe you should read up on this forum before you tell us what you have read.

        Yes and you know what opinions are like, just my .02 cents worth...
        "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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          If your happy about doing 200-250 workouts a year to gain 5lbs of muscle be my guest. Of course any quick gain of weight is going to be a stress, but your making it sound like everyone is going to keep gaining 50lbs of bodyweight every 4 months. No the whole process slows dramatically and people fight and claw for 10-25lbs a year again after awhile. Personally i dont like taking 5 years to do something when i can get it done in 2 years. Every weight gain comes with an adjustment period, that is known and more likely than not your going to have elevated levels, and be more lethargic etc etc etc for the short term. With time the body adjusts itself. Everyone I train usually makes a huge jump forward out of the gate in the first 6 months and then it slows down (still faster than everyone else but it slows down)
          IG is



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            I'm not talking about gaining 5 pounds a year. Who the f*ck wants to do that. I would suspect I was getting ripped off if that happened. However, my point here is that gaining 4-5 pounds per month rather than 10 or 20 is not only easier on the body to accomodate and adjust to but you have a 90% probability of keeping all the gains you made.
            Hey, and if your 190 pounds and over the course of one year your at 225 pounds you've got a life changing experience.
            Yes, and sure you will plateau at certain times, but thats why there is a million training varieties and intensity levels to get you through those sticks.
            The point...I would rather be 50 pounds heavier in 3-4 years and be healthy without injuries.


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              "To each his own"...
              "That damn log book"

     Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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                EXACTLY In-Human. Why not if you can do it, put 50 pounds on in 3 months. I did it, any sides?? Yeah, shirts don't fit, doorways are smaller and I'm alot happier. I was lethargic for a bit, but didn't last long. Just don't come on here dissing the gains we are making and trying to put us down. We haven't lost a doggpounder yet to incredible muscle gains! If you wanna be a fitness model, go ahead and stay lean and gain 5 lbs a year, but that's now what were about. We are about being freakz, plain and simple.


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                  Well this non-freak has 19" arms 235lbs at 9% sooooo....I guess I'll just stay with my "fitness model" routine...MFers!


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                    Deez, not to sound disrespectful, but please read my thread "Where to start with Dogg" and see if you still believe your thoughts towards my situation. I've been at this long enough now, and if I have a chance on gaining size, weight or strength at "any speed" I'll be happy.

                    Health is always a priority!

                    With your thinking someone would have to say to DC,"Sorry DC, but I'm gaining too quick with your training and I have to back off!"

                    Just doesn't sound right, does it?

                    Get Stronger
                    ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                    Good luck


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                      I hear ya' brother... I'm all for gains. I just want to be pushin 405 on the bench at 60 years old watching the faces of the kids wondering what the f*ck is going on. I don't want my doctor to say ..."...well you have 50% kidney function and 80% cardiac function and you may have to carry O2 around in a few years, etc." I know that's an extreme case...and I will read that thread you talk about.
                      I've just seen too many guys try too get big too fast and now they're paying the price.


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                        No offene bro, but In-Human was far more advanced then you and was in the game forever before starting DC training, and look at the gains it gave him, it speaks for itself.


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                          Originally posted by DEEZ
                          Well this non-freak has 19" arms 235lbs at 9% sooooo....I guess I'll just stay with my "fitness model" routine...MFers!
                          Sorry, but I had to jump in my friend sound like a very one sided angry individual...Peace, Love, Dope, Long Hair and Shower Shoes to you my friend
                          Last edited by Heckman; 04-21-2004, 11:27 PM.
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                            I think when I see ridiculous posts like ones that say someone trains like a fitness model because they also want to be healthy...makes the deca in my veins boil...

                            So...I merely vent my R.rage on the keyboard.

                            Gave up dope but I'll take the shower shoes.


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                              I've had enough of this BS. You guys have fun with your freakish growth. I was looking for some intelligent conversation...not finding it here...although I did like the dialouge with the guy about the sugars...very cool...thank you.