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ever thought about writing a book dc?

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  • ever thought about writing a book dc?

    just curious if you have ever thought about putting your theories into print. of all the people and personalities i have read about in my ten years in this game i like your theories above anyone else. you back up your statements with facts and you have the proof of having a number of monsters under your supervision. the only problem is that the info is scattered (and no offense but you tend to ramble) so its hard to skip through everything to get to the good stuff. just thought id throw in my .02.
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    (and no offense but you tend to ramble)

    LOLOL im going to answer this but i just got back from lifting and im going to get something to eat---I laughed hard when i saw this because--aint that the truth--TPC tells me that all the time too--I need to rest pause my talking and writing because if you give me a chance Ill talk about one topic 37 ways around the block and for 2 hours--lolol That ruled Sin (thanks)
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      And the answer is, Ramblin' Dogg?... LOL

      The Book Has Arrived!
      The Book Has Arrived!

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        yeah, if you got all the info in one place (printed copies) I would send you money for a copy. DC, take your program info down to the local copy center, have them burn you off 100 copies, and sell them on this site. I bet you they would all be gone in a week or less. Should we take a poll in this?????
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          I'll be the first to buy a copy!

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            This is what I had from another board about the same question to DC:

            I have asked DC this myself, you know he really is a lazy bastard you know, he thinks that he is busy, hell, he only has a 40 hour job, 200 e-mails per day to respond to, quite a few trainees on line and he is running his supplement company, plus a wife who never lets him do anything.

            So usually when I shoot him some mail, I ask him the same thing, he always gives me the same answer, "I will when I get off this couch"...
            "That damn log book"

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              LOL, I know In-Human what a lazy baby. God with all that going on and he still doesn't have time to write a book? Stop watching Friends and Mad About You reruns DC, then you'll get that book done in no time.


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                i think if you wrote a book dc we would see ur ass on all the late night talk shows and like good mourning america "man single handedly makes a nation of freaks" lol

                im very interested to start training with you im prob gonna try and get in with ya some time in sept or netime around there when u can fit me in
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                  this is only my opinion, but i pick this guys brain all day so i think i have a good insite. besides being extremely busy, dante really has no time, (trust me this guy needs 36 hours in a day), i really think he is afraid of DC training going mainstream. he can not stand when there is a variation of what he has written, then only to have the person say "DC training did not work for me", yeah, no shit, you were not doing DC training. what he writes and discusses works, plain and simple, and i think he wants to keep it at that. he is not in it for the money and he certainly does not need the ego trip of becoming extremely well known, he is very humble and has no need for this. he honestly enjoys, just this, seeing guys follow his word to a T and changing their lives forever.

                  i really think he has bigger plans he wants to focus on, and knowing dante whatever it is, he will do more than succeed at it.

                  i don't know, maybe someday he will put all of his "ramblings", together into a book. and i'll be the first to tell you, i will be first in line to buy it.

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                    I do think IF you ever decided to put together you information in a BASIC form...just something generic you could sell it through the IM store like a virtual book or something.
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                      lol, i kinda like his rambling.

                      just for the record i would def. buy the book.


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                        His rambling is what makes his writing style what it is.

                        Everyone can spot a DC post a mile away.
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                          yeah but i reckon the problem with him writing a book is that people cannot ask questions to a book so they will go about things the way they think it should be done - and when they fail they will blame dc

                          if he ever made a book it should include like 3 emails to ask questions etc just to make sure you are doing everything correctly as the man prescribed - but he would be inundated with so much mail he probably wouldnt be able to post on here no mo


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                            I hgave most of his ramblings and have learned alot from them
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                              or you could just try to get him to train you and you wouldnt need the book