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Skip do good work or what?

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  • Skip do good work or what?

    You guys that I train in the offseason, I hope your getting the idea why i so strongly push you toward Skip to take you into your shows. Check the final pics on the second page on this thread.
    I think skip is patenting his "skin the cat" process.

    IG is


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    Freakin awesome! I can't wait to work with you DC, maybe even work with Skip down the road too.
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      awesome work!!! :showoff: :showoff:


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        great job !!
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          Re: Skip do good work or what?

          Originally posted by Doggcrapp

          I think skip is patenting his "skin the cat" process.

          He could have been leaner - there were no flies trying to land on his eyelashes and no plane overhead attempting to drop bags of rice in bulk.

          I responded to the thread at MM. Thanks for the props. We need to get with Tom to figure out what the hell to do with him now. If he hadn't already peaked for 3 shows this year, I would beg him to do the USAs but I don't know if he can handle it physically.


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            Awesome job...
            Train like a freak, every time.


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              BUMP for SKIP
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                Wow, nice job skip!
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