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  • just started dc training

    hi all,

    new to the board.very glad i found my way here:p
    i have recently converted from a 5 day a week 1 bp per day training program to dc training and well in the last 2 weeks i am up 6lbs,which to someone who has been on a platue is a godsend.just wish i could go the full hog and pay him but 400 dollars at my current exchange rate is out of the question at the moment.

    so will just have to rape you all for info:p workouts are going great but are diffecult,last few excersises my strength has gone down but i am confident as my body adjusts that will be shortlived.

    i am wrapping up a 14 week cycle and will be taking a bit of a break before going at it again,i am very interested with dc approach to cycling,although i am still trying to wrap my head around i will start my first question off there.

    if i were to go all out 4 weeks then cruise and recover 2 weeks,what would be the best combo of gear i.e i usually use long acting ester tests,would it be more beneficial to switch to prop?would any benefit be derived from something such as eq-due to it only really taking effect for me around week 6-7?i hope i am making sense on this one.i unfortunatly do not have access to tren or fina,only:tests,deca,eq,winny,abombs,d.bol,hcg,nol va,clomid

    would i be able to start incorporating your cycle theory straight after my 14 weeker i.e 6 week cruise 400mg test/nolva then the 4on/2 cruise.can nolva be used instead of clomid

    stats:225lbs/training 12 years(off and on)/5ft 10/27yrs/11 cycles odd.

    hope that wasnt to long and apologies to the paying guys if you feel this is out of line.

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    end current cycle then
    week 1-2 60mg nolva
    week 3-4 40mg nolva
    week 1-4 400mg test cypionate(200mg every mon and thurs)
    week 1-4 test cypionate 800mg(last inj thurs)
    week 1-4 winny 75mg ed(last inj sun)
    week 5-6 60mg nolva ed?and proviron 50mg ed
    week 7-10 test cypionate 800mg
    week 7-10 eq 600mg
    repeat cruise

    etc etc.i use hcg at 500iu every saterday and sunday.