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  • DC three way split

    Anyone who has done the DC three way split and could point me towards a post/recommendations of Dante where he goes a little in depth how he would like to see you fill either of those days filled? I’ve done the two way split for a solid year and half (with great progress) but would like something ‘new’. I’ve seen the two way split being explained pretty extensively as well as the more advanced split (different than the three way split, which is also for advanced).

    All i have found was that it was basically a PPL split trained 4 times per week. This is what I found: “ For advanced bodybuilders (and with that I'm talking very elite bodybuilders and extremely strong people) I sometimes go with the following

    monday=chest shoulders triceps
    tuesday=biceps forearms backwidth backthickness
    thursday=calves hams quads
    friday-repeat of mondays bodyparts
    monday-repeate of tuesdays bodyparts
    tuesday-repeat of thursdays bodyparts”

    just would like to know how he would like to those days filled it.

    thank you in advance!

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    Go on YouTube and search dusty Hanshaw advanced DC training and you can see exactly what some of the heavy hitters are doing on a typical 3 day split. They usually add iso exercises like chest fly machine, shoulder lateral raise machine, leg adductor/abductor machine etc.


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      Just curious, but how long have you been on the 2 day split?
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