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Insulin and fat storage

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  • Insulin and fat storage

    So as we all know (I assume), insulin is the hormone released when blood glucose levels are high (a range for the body to work optimally is between 70mg/100ml and 110mg/100ml). Insulin will store glucose in muscles (as muscle glycogen), in the liver (as liver glycogen) and in fat cells (as fat). I'm not sure of who has the priority between muscles and liver, but I know that fat cells are the last option. It is advised in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, to consume foods that aren't going to cause a big spike in insulin release as that will result to fat storage (obviously if the liver and the muscles are saturated in glycogen). Though, it would make sense that even if you consume foods that are gonna cause a slower insulin release in the blood stream, glucose is gonna get stored as fat if the muscles and the liver are saturated.

    Therefore does insulin levels play a role in fat storage?