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Experience with extreme stretches

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  • Experience with extreme stretches

    Hey everyone

    I was a DC user a few years back....had a great first year (and a bit), putting on 30+ pounds in 14 months. Nothing staggering I am sure, but I did this whilst playing rugby 3 times a week (2 training sessions and a game)....I know I know, not ideal, but it worked.

    Anyway, I was injured playing rugby (disc herniation in lower back) and stopped playing rugby. Kept fit and well but a young family meant a priority shift.

    Anywhoo........recently in lockdown (work, homeschool, childcare etc) I decided to focus more on movement rather than trying to use equipment I have to push perfect sessions. I chose instead to focus on some light work and extreme stretches.

    Here is how I have done it
    Chest - bottom of pushup OR incline fly
    Shoulder - DC shoulder stretch
    Tricep - DC one arm behind head stretch
    Back width - Hanging
    Back thickness - pulling on door frame (upper back rounded).

    Bicep - DC or holding loaded EZ bar - also a good Trap stretch.
    Forearm - I actually used some wrist curls here
    Calves - DC calf session - does this ever become less unpleasant??
    Hamstrings - Hinge hold
    Quads - DC

    Repeat Monday - etc etc.

    Obviously some of these stretches you can easily progress with load (eg hanging) and others it is duration (bicep).


    How I have done this:
    I started the session with a general warm up and then continued this by performing a medium weight higher rep set for the specific area eg light lateral raises for about 20-50 reps followed straight away by extreme stretch x 60 - 90 seconds.

    The light weight, higher rep set wasnt a must, it was more of a precaution and to continue the warm up.

    What I found:
    Firstly to Dante - thank you for your work on extreme stretches. Also - although I am thanking you now, there has been times that any thoughts I was sending your way were certainly not 'thanks' haha.

    Extreme stretches are no joke. I know the way I have done them ie making them the focal point was nor the intention (at least I don't think it was), but it might be worth some people spending time on them.

    I didn't set out to make staggering progress with them so I cannot comment 100% accurately as to what they did for me....but I will say that they are an amazing way to do the following:

    Load the breathe - ie teaching you to use your diaphragm properly and to be able to breathe properly under load and fatigue.
    Become mentally stronger - doing this is unpleasent at times and telling yourself to continue isn't easy.

    Strengthen a muscle at what is usually its weakest and most vulnerable positon - stretched.

    I definitely have gotten stronger....improved vasularity/definition.

    I can't say if I have gained muscular size beyond what I see in myself (which I think I have) as I did not take before and after measurements.

    This leaves you feeling warm everywhere, but without DOMS or the fatigue you would get from a normal session pushing heavy weights.

    I recommend this to everyone looking for a little change.
    After a brief warm up of going through some developmental movement patterns - the sessions can feasibly be completed in 10-15 minutes.

    Anyway, I have rambled on long enough - sorry....just feeding back.

    I am looking to return to DC when lockdown eases, but this is as close as I could go given everything else....and it has worked better than I ever thought.

    Stay safe

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    Using the shoulder dislocate move at the top of the page instead of the shoulder stretch.

    Feels great.



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      Away for a few days and restricted due to equipment so did everything in the same way as DC calves.

      Took myself through
      Shoulders (dialocates)
      Back width
      Back thickness

      Each was done with normal paced positive, 5 second negative and a 15 second loaded stretch.

      Band overhead extensions
      Active hanging, 5 second lowering, 15 second hanging.
      Hinge positon band row.

      Great way to get the session done whilst away and very humbling.

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        Back on the programme at the top of this thread. Working really well with the gyms still being closed.

        It has been really intersting spending time focusing on this part of the programme - how I hold myself, breathe during movement etc.