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  • Mind muscle conecction

    What do you think of the mind muscle conecction in dc training?

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    It's the same as in any other type of training. You want to target the muscle. You want to stay strict enough in your movements to keep the stress on that muscle. I never really got into the Mind/Muscle thing. The muscle won't contract without a signal from your mind.

    I guess I don't know if that's what you mean by your question...........but stay strict enough to target the correct muscle(s)
    It's difficult to work out too hard, it's easy to work out too long.............


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      I think the best way to explain the mind/muscle connection is there needs to be an awareness -- that typically doesn't come until you have spent years training -- where you are able to make the muscle work as hard as possible during a specific movement. When people start lifting weights, it is approached more as a "move a weight from point A to point B" and the mind/muscle connection is when you figure out that for maximum hypertrophy, there is more to it than just moving a weight from point A to point B.


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        I am not quite sure about what is that you are asking. If we are talking about bodybuilding style of training then Yes, you should always be conscious about what is that you are trying to train.
        However although form is important I don't think it's something that should be overly emphasized all the time. What I mean is during a set of heavy compound movements such as deadlifts I am not thinking am I squeezing this or that muscle but not to the point of form break down or possible injury.