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How do you structure cycling plateaued exercise back into rotation?

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  • How do you structure cycling plateaued exercise back into rotation?

    Had a look in the search function and found 2 posts (1 which links to the other) and the consensus by a couple users is to wait as long as possible until you add a previously plateaued back into your 3 exercise rotation.

    Does anyone use a method clearer than “wait as long as possible”?

    I was thinking of something like, say for the 3 exercise rotation on chest...

    1) Dips, then BB decline when that plateaus, then dumbbell decline when that plateaus, repeat back to dips.
    2) same idea, 3 different exercises to the above.
    3) same again, 3 different exercises to 1/2.

    “As long as possible” could be months based on how many exercises people like to use for a particular bodypart, and I’m not sure if simply, without some cycle like above, you might end up on the flipside of that and putting an exercise back in “too early”, if that’s a thing.

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    Using your chest example, since you're already rotating three chest exercises in a cycle you would then need to pre-plan 9 chest exercises before you even did your first set of your first workout.
    In my humble opinion you are way overthinking/planning ahead for something that could be many months or a year away. If you are doing it correctly you are only doing a particular chest exercise once every three chest workouts so most of the time it's going to take a bit of time to plateau on an exercise. When you do I highly doubt it will be all three so just change one out. If you plateau on all three at the same time it is probably something else, like time for a cruise or tweak your diet.
    It's difficult to work out too hard, it's easy to work out too long.............


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      When you can no longer progress on a certain movement then switch it out. But don’t do so after 1 failed RP or SS session. Everybody has a bad day. Second time around and you still getting your ass handed to you then note that. Third time comes around and same, then rotate the movement out with a new one.

      So for instance if your chest cycle is A1: Smith Incline, A2: HS Incline, A3: HS Chest Press, and you cannot progress on A1: Smith Incline anymore, then swap that out for Chest Dips, or HS Decline. Now your split will be A1: Chest Dips, A2: HS Incline, and A3: HS Chest Press.

      Only scrap moves when you can no longer progress in that movement. Rotate a favorite back in when you can no longer progress on another movement, or choose a different one all together.

      Remember the 4-5 count eccentric on all moves. Or 4-5 count stretch on back width, or back thickness when lower back safety is not a concern. Remembering to do this will help keep your favorite movement in your rotation longer. Even on squats Dante says you can do a 5 second stretch on the bottom. Once you hit your hole drop a 1/4” every second For 5 seconds pushing those hams to your calves.

      like mentioned above you should be keeping a log book. 6-8 week blast is about all I can do before I need a 1 week cruise. Either active recovery with super, super light weight, or simply no gym at all. I usually opt for the later.