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What about this for a workout schedule..,

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  • What about this for a workout schedule..,

    Trash what I said earlier about 2x wkly-I,m really trying to incorporate some (hopefully all) dc,s training suggestions--So ,because of my work schedule,3 days on,2 off,2 on,3 off,this is what I can do---- I have 12 free days pr month,so,I can do 12 workouts pr month--instead of my current schedule which is just 6--heres the question--4 of those workouts are back to back days(for ie.,Mon workout A then Tues --B) and each time I do workout back to back I would have 2days rest in between one week and 3 days rest in between the following week.Does this sound do-able? or out of the question??--thanks,tugs

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    I guess i take it that since there were no replys that back to back workouts with not a rest day in between is foolish???
    I know,I should of known better--ok-shoot me.


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      Being an older person myself...I could never recover on that little rest. Maybe many years ago I could, but IMO, I think the injury risk factor may play a big part.
      Just my 2 cents worth
      Heckman aka "WISE" OLD MAN


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        yea ,well i thought about that last nite so instead ill just wind up doing 10 workouts pr month with 2 of those workouts with only 1 day rest in between--best i can do.
        Looking forward to tommorrows workout A with the stecthing after--thats something ive NEVER done.