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You Offer help and People don't take it.

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    Raul, sorry you had to deal with that. Most of us, I believe, appreciate all that people such as yourself, Inhuman, MassG, Kane, Bg2B, etc., etc. (sorry if someone was left out) and of course, DC himself, have done for us. Some people ask advice and others want to explain why they disagree with someone. We realize that people won't always agree with what is said (especially when they are 16 years old and have all that experience, lol, right Inhuman), but, I can understand that you get upset even more so, when they ASK your opinion and YOUR EXPERIENCES only to tell you that they saw a study that might say different. And then to get in a debate with why they think your experience may be wrong, lol.
    Try not to let it piss you off too much, Raul. Alot of us DO appreciate your help!

    Get Stronger
    ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
    Good luck




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      I've been at that point to Raul!!! I hear ya bro, but then I just try to think that most are just trying to learn as much as possible and get as big as possible, but damn if they don't make it hard on us at times!!

      Jimpaul, thanks for the kind words bro.


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        Raul, I know what you are talking about. I saw that to on MM, they want an answer to something that they don't know anything about. You are nice enough to answer the question then the prick decides to do what he wants to do. Again, I agree with you on the protein before cardio, but the youngster does not understand and when he is not growing like he should then he will see that you were right.

        Thanks for all the help that you have given to me also.

        sitting 200+ right now soon to hit 210!!!!
        Pain is Temporary

        Don't cry just get the DAMN weight up!!!


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          You know guys it can get frustrating, like DC said in his mail to Raul that people will take advantage of you with out thinking about the help you have given them.

          Now I enjoy helping, don't get me wrong, but when you ask for help, then dissagree with my answer, then why ask.

          I told DC yesterday that he has a kind heart, and I just don't think I could do what he does, I will tell everyone to pay or fuck off!.

          I read the original CFP thread for two weeks, I tried it myself for 3 weeks and decided I needed DC's help and hired him, it was the best thing I ever did for my workouts.

          Most of these people want the whole thing and diet and gear all layed out for them, is everyone that new to this.

          But I am getting burned out myself from all this and I know DC is too, he has more than enough to do these days.

          I guess its our own fault for trying to help out, well live and learn I always say...
          "That damn log book"

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            Well we all have to remember that years ago we all got help from alot of different people.....And I certainly understand that when a successful bro gives someone advice and that person argues about it, well yeah I understand getting pissed about it.

            As for you guys that rely on this for a living-I feel your pain. Same thing happens to me in my business on a daily basis. It does suck to spend hours researching and learning just to give it away for nothing.
            Several people have helped me out since I joined the boards....hope there is a way I can pay them back in the future.
            [email protected]

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            "The fact is that you can not start off with bad science and end up with good medicine"


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              If ur refering to me I didnt know its such a big deal guys.. sorry for asking questions... and thanks for answering me In-human/raul...




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                all can say is "Im coochy, down to my sox.".
                (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

                That which we manifest lies before us.


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                  I feel a little responsible, sorry Raul if my questions have annoyed you.

                  I'd actually thought of starting a thread on here asking for your nutritional advice !


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                    hey Raul,Ive read some of your stuff and it helps more than i think you know--this board and some others is all i have to keep me on the right track about lifting and gear--without guys like you I would still be doing curls 5 days a week--I mean it bro ,i really do--when your into bb like i am all this stuff you guys post is great --please keep writing--thanks-tugs


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                      BullFX, There is a difference, we can see first off who appreciates what we help them with and when we get taken advantage of. You are not one, its not this board, its all the other ones, I just hate to see people doing DC's program wrong, I feel I need to set them straight.

                      We all just needed to rant a little thats all, after I think about it more and more, I enjoy helping others, this is a tough game to get all the info out there these days and really see what works for yourself...
                      "That damn log book"

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                        I cruise the other boards and I told Raul I felt he, Inhuman, and Babygetoboy were getting a little bit taken advantage of on some of them. I get frustrated that people dont want to read anything anymore, they want it spoonfed to them. I get very very very frustrated when someone asks me could you explain rest pausing or statics and Ive explained it in detail so many times it makes my head spin. I saw on some other boards where Raul answered a question in detail and then 2 pages later another guy asked the exact same damn question. What you dont have the time to scan thru the prior 2 pages? I guess Im a lil different. I dont do anything without thoroughly researching it so I know the ins and outs of it. Ive discussed this with TPC before. If Im interested in a subject I go to hell and back to find every single facet of information on it, and If it doesnt interest me much, I dont study it or I might just touch on it. Theres just too much info out there to go thru to study everysingle thing in this sport. Its great that this is a visual sport and everything but it pains me greatly when people just see some pics of a guy I train or read about how the getoboy went from 178 to 230 in less than half a year and they think "good god I better get on the bandwagon" And then they almost demand my guys I train I, B and R to lay this all out in an outline to them peice by peice. THEY SHOULDNT HAVE TO. They spent the time going thru all the info and others should to. You guys are going to look at me kind of peculiarly here. I dont want this to get huge or rather I could care less if this getsDC training thing gets huge. I want this for people who have looked at it and agreed "holy shit this guy Dante has ripped all this apart and put it back together again and really emphasized constant progression, extreme strength, extreme stretching, how to eat to get larger but keep bodyfat just as lean or leaner and he is continually cranking out guys gaining muscle in half (or even third) of the time its taking other people. Does this mean I dont want people asking questions? No I want people to ask questions but have the respect to read just the basic outline please--thats all I ask. There should never be any questions about the basics of this program because its all out there--you can read it any time you want. Its in a bunch of places.
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                          wow.., that felt like I was just sitting across from someone in a group session and he had to get it all off his chest.


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                            Amen DC, CFP can be found at almost every single board I've ever been to, yet, the amount of people who have read through it completely is about 4. Before I even started with DC i read through the entire I think it was at like 114 or something ridiculous thread over at animals board, the entire thing, took me forever, and I know In-Human did the same thing. Take the time, read it , read the responses, search, then if you don't find it, ask, we'll be glad to help. Just read CFP over and over again.


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                              babygetoboy, You know I think the CFP really stands for, "Can't Forget the Principles".

                              One morning I woke up and my GF said, "What is CFP, where did you meet her", I said no dear its gods word, I must read it, learn it, live it.

                              Of course she still thinks DC is a chick at the gym, cause when I get home from the gym I am all sweaty with a big smile on my face, can't think straight, I sometimes call her by the wrong name even.

                              She thinks my Log Book is a telephone book, hehe, I keep telling her, its the bible dear...
                              "That damn log book"

                     Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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                                hey,, all i have to say is thanks to In-human for all the advice he has given me so far,, if i had money and wasnt in legal issues i'd hire you bro thanks for setting me straight,,, i do see that in the other boards on what raul pointed out ,, ill admit i made the same error and just scammed thru the threads and didnt realize so many things i was doing wrong,, but like i said all the help your bro's provide is amazing ,, big thumbs up to all of you
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