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Didnt do so great ... got some Questions please...

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  • Didnt do so great ... got some Questions please...

    today was my first dc workout, just so i can get a feel of what RP looks like... I was gona do stright sets but i got temped to try RP... so i did... ( BIG MISTAKE) Im on 200mg of test right now, my cycle starts on April 23rd( 1g of test) so the next two weeks im just tryin to get a feel for this workout

    I started the weight i knew i could do 10 reps on incline bench ( 205)

    first of all just because of the slow negative i could only do 8 of those... Ok np, racked the weight, 15 breaths, Picked it up and i got stuck on the 3rd! (omg?) I had no spot i was fucked... I hold it there for about 5-7 sec till some guy who was walkin by ran to me and racked it for me ( god bless him)

    any way... I dunno how im goin to do this w/o a workout partner...

    really loved the stretchin though, i just dont liek the fact that people look at you like ur a freak when u start shaking... lol

    Qustions i have ...

    a) Can this be done without a workout partner? I Do have partners But they are too fukin afraid to try any thing new they wana just do the same old for the rest of their lives... If so how ? Do i just stick to smith movements?

    B) How long this workout should take? mine took 45min... (thats about right? how long do u rest between sets/exercizes?

    C) If i dont get sore tomorrow does it mean my intesnity wasnt high enough? i am used to my routine doin 5 exercizes for chest and today by doin just 1 set i didnt even feel like i worked my chest ... ( again i know it takes a while to get used to this .. just makin sure my intesity is in check)

    D) Holy fuck stretching like that hurts!

    Thanks for your time fellas... cheers


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    Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    A) Yes you can do the workouts without a partner, ask DC how i started with him as a trainee , I used to squat the bar up in the smith machine so I could go again, it was brutal , but I got my mind on my goal and I did it without questions, if you have a partner then better for you, you can do it free style, but if you don't have a partner, stick to the smith machine unless you want to end up with an injury or near death experience.

    B)The workout doesn't have a time-limit, if yours took 45 minutes then thats really good, i take about 5 minutes between exercises just to gather myself, remember im using very heavy weights.

    C)Ok bro, remember soreness is not an indicator that your workout was great or that you stimulated your muscle fibers in a way that they will grow, your genetics, ability to recouperate, stress fatigue an all factors affect the way you train, also remember DOMS(Delayed on Muscle Soreness) usually sets in 24-28 hours after a training bout.

    D) Glad you loved them

    Thanks for ur help bro...

    I kinda like to do free weights though , but do you think i can just ask people at the gym to give me a spot? im just worried cause some fuckers give the wost spot ever... some lift the bar for u , some dont even look at u when ur doin ur set


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      are these questions extra stupid??? i dont know why there are many viewers but no one replys


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        i dont think they are stupid,, the same goes for me i so use to using free bb press on incline and flat but on rp sets its really hard ,, i usually do ask someone for a spot but i make sure to tell him hey dont go anywhere stick around ,, i guess i scare them because im so serious and they stay (maybe its the bald head adn tattoos) but dont be afraid or feel weak because you are using a smith ,, true you have to build your stabilizer muscles but give it a shot..
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