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So how slow on the negative?

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  • So how slow on the negative?

    B) Every exercise is done with a controlled but explosive positive and a true 6-8 second negative phase.

    Now that is taken from an older article by DC.. the newer one ( posted on the sticky here ) doest say 6-8 sec ...

    is that a typo ? 6-8sec?

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    nm , i found my answer

    "It doesnt matter if its 3 seconds lowered or 6 seconds lowered or whatever--just get to the point where you know you controlled the descent of the weight and at any time you could of stopped and reversed direction if you had to."


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      BullFX, On your worksets, the negative will be a controlled negative, no stop watch is needed here, just keep it controlled, if you need a number 2-4 seconds.

      When you finish and fail on your last positive, then you do a very slow controlled negative, like 5-7 seconds, no counting, just controlled and slow...
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        thanks for the fast reply brother... im plannin to startin my cycle on 23rd but im just gona start doin DCs routine now with sright sets... Just so i get a feeling of the things i need to do and clear my doubts... and from the 23rd ill hit it hard with the rest pause...

        do u think thats a good idea?


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          Originally posted by RaulJimenez
          BullFX : that is a good idea, just so you acclimate yourself but remember you need to create 6 baseline routines before you start raping the logbook
          whaaat???? can u please explain that ?? I dont know what do you mean...

          i thought u just choose 3 of your favorite exercizes and set up your routine?


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            If you split the body into 2 parts and choose 3 exercises for each muscle group, whereof 1 is performed each workout, it comes to 6 different routines.


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              BullFX, On second thought, I want you to do 30 second negatives on every rep of the workset, ok!, lol.

              I will make your ass grow like you have never seen, lol...
              "That damn log book"

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                This is a common question answered by M.r In-Human.
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