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Hows this for a 2x wkly workout routine?

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  • Hows this for a 2x wkly workout routine?

    Due to my home/work schedule,I can only workout 2x wkly with 3 and 4 days rest in between ea lift day( i usally do 2 days cardio 20 to 30 min on rest days)--anyways,using DC style of training,how would I tweak this routine up;

    all sets are done to failure--with 1 or 2 warmup sets done prior to working set;

    ----WORKOUT A ----
    1, 20 rep squat routine
    1 set 25 reps leg extensions
    2 sets 6 reps ea weighted chin ups
    2 sets bb curls 8 to 10 reps ea
    2 sets hammers 8 to 10 reps ea

    ----WORKOUT B----
    2 sets of bench 6 reps (rest/pause ea rep)
    2 sets inclines 8 to 10 reps ea
    2 sets of seated milatarys 8 to 10 reps ea
    2 sets of skulls 8 to 10 reps ea
    2 sets of stiff deadlifts 8 to 10 reps ea
    2 sets of heavy bb shrugs 8 to 10 reps ea

    well,thats it--how do you think DC would tweak this up??thanks-tugs

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    Except for the straight sets I always thought 1 set was enough?


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      really-- i didnt realize he promoted only 1 working set-- ill have to re-read some of his stuff--I guess this was a sorta dumb question to ask in the first place--its just that ive been doing this particular routine now for a good 2 months and it seems to be working--so im sorta mentally invested in this routine--i,m just trying to make sure i,m in the ball game of good routines.


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        tuggs, correct its one working set, some straight sets some rest pause set,, i would through out leg extension, and chin ups out of "A" so that its more set up like this
        bi's 12-14rp

        forearms 10 straight set

        quads try one working set for 8-10 heavy reps then a light weight that will allow 20reps

        hams , what other excersises are you rotating ?

        calves sam as above

        workout b
        back thickness
        back width..

        post up your routine as far as what excersises you are rotating bro .. no question is a dumb question
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          Yea... it's all covered in the sticky post at the top of this forum... your probably already know that. DC promotes one workset using rest-pause per bodypart, and extreme stretching. That workout looks like a good base but could probably use some tweaks. Good luck.


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            tugs, I understand your times you have train are gonna be on the tough side to put on a lot of mass, the reason we do three workouts per week and rotation of exercises is to hit each muscle twice in 8 days so we can work that muscle over 100 times per year, instead of the normal 52 times a year.

            Ok with that being said, you will be fighting catabolism here also, if you have decent recouperation ability then gains will not come as fast with two times per week training, if you have sub par recouperation ability, then you might be able to gain somewhat, just not at a excellerated rate.

            You need to stick with the program for the bodyparts that DC has laid out:

            Workout 1 chest/shoulder/triceps/back width/back thickness

            Workout 2 Biceps/forearms/calves/hams/quads

            I still think that two days per week will be tough to make great gains, not saying it can't be done, we are all different and respond to different things.

            You will have to keep the protein high all the time so you are not catabolizing what you have gained, on this program...
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              If I'm correct you can't call this a DC style workout.
              It's all about 1 workset (for the most) and I don't think isolation excersises like leg extensions are incorperated.
              It's all about compound 2cts


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                ok then I will throw in another workout--but it would have to be like this--my 3rd workout id do the first week with 2 days working out in a row and then the following week the 3 rd workout would be with a days rest in between and then repeat.AND ALSO ONLY 1 WORKING SET--so now the big question--how should I split this 3 day routine up??


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                  With all due respect, read some of the many threads on here and other boards about DC training - plenty on there to be getting on with.

                  This board is for a specific type of training that is well documented in other threads.


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                    I have read alot--im a slow learner I guess--its frustating cause i dont want to be working out and wasting alot of time--like i use to when i did high volumne--i thought that this 2x wkly routine was something that could fall into the catogory of NOT OVERTRAINING and that it would be a good thing---my mind set has changed to low volumne heavy weights--so now i,m begining to read all this stuff about dc,s traing and it sounds real good and so i,m back to thinking again that this present workout schedule that I posted is maybe wasting time again??--I gotta relax--keep it simple.
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                      Keep reading - it'll all make sense soon !