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  • A few quick questions

    hey everyone,

    first post here, your board looks great, i mainly have been hanging at pro-muscle but this looks like a great place

    I just have a few questions about DC's program.

    I am very excited in trying this routine, I been traing HIT for few months now and really like it, However I feel from the lower volume, I recover faster and it seems pointless to wait a whole week to hit the muscle again.


    question 1

    I was curious about the back routine.

    On your back thickness exercises do you guys rest-pause? like for example if i was doing rows? i think i read where Dante said do do dead and just do straight sets but those are out of the question for me because i have back trouble.

    Question 2

    On upper body, do you guys shoot for 15 total reps on all bodyparts? I was thinking of going slighter higher reps for triceps b/c if i try to go too heavy i start using bad form.

    question 3

    should U perform a forced rep or 2 on all 3 minisets? or just lift what u are capable of?

    Thanks for any advice guys

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    Conan21, Ok I think I can help you here.

    #1- All of the Back Thickness exercises are straight setted out, like Deads, Rack Deads, Drag Rack Deads, T-Bar Rows and the like. Doing r/p with these exercises you are looking for injuries, so we go with very heavy workset of 12-15 reps, we do not want form to suffer and that would be a problem doing r/p.

    #2- We like to keep the reps for r/p worksets to 12-15, so we can use heavy weight in great form. So the workset would look like 8x3x2 or something to that number.

    #3- We never do forced reps, when you fail on the last positive, you are done. I have my spotter lift the weight to the top of the movement so I can do a super slow negative all the way to the bottom on all the mini sets, or as DC would call it, the workset.

    Always keep good form, this is not an ego program, that must be left in your car for the ride home. Pick a weight that is heavy enough to get perfect reps in total good form.

    Hope this helped you out...
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      thanks for the help In-Human.

      So i take it all bodyparts are rest-paused? expect legs.

      on last thing i forgot to ask.

      are back width exercises lat pulldowns and chins? and width exercises the compound exercises such as rows?

      I'm pretty excited to start this program, I'm just a lil worried about hitting legs this often. I hope I can handle it recovery wise.

      Thanks again bro.


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        Conan21, Ok no, I did not say all bodyparts are r/p, like I answered in your previous posts, most back, legs are straight setted out but not all are. Calves and forearms always are. So there is a lot to this program, if you have the time you need to read, "Cycling for Pennies" from DC, very informative.

        Yes Back Width exercises would be Lat Pulldowns, Chins and Rack Chins. Long Pulley Rows would be a Back Thickness exercise...
        "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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          thanks bro

          I meant to say back and legs, I was doing 5 things when i posted that so i wasn't paying attention. I read a few articles by the man and i think i understand it for the most part. I've done a few of the workouts already and they are pretty intense. the stretches are the worste.

          thanks for being so helpful