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Thanks to DoggCrapp, In-Human

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    Raul, no problem buddy, I love to help out punk kids, lol, just kidding man you know I love you, punk.

    Hey and I figure that you teach me Human Biology and I teach you about automotive stuff, so its a perfect trade off. Once you know the inner workings of the human body and the inner workings of a motor, well hey, we know it all then, what else is there to know, well I could mention women, but we will never figure that out, so lets just stick with human bodies and cars, ok.

    DC has been a god send to us and a lot of other people everywhere, he has opened my eyes to the best training I have ever done.

    I just wish he would invite me over to his damn warehouse at true protein, I would like to see how the business works, hehe...
    "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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      hey guys i want to personally thank you guys and you know who you are raul, in-hum, babyget, etc. i know dante probably doesn't say it, but you guys really help him out answering question for him on the boards when he is not around. this guy is so damn busy it makes me laugh sometimes. so thanks guys, you honestly make things alot easier for him and keep DC training living and growing.




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        tpc, Its our pleasure, we love to help out. Plus there is no way to repay DC for all the knowledge he has taught us young and old.

        This guy has opened up my eyes to a whole new way to train, and the best thing is, it works and works perfect.

        I figure the least I can do is to keep putting the word out for you and DC on your supp company, I tell everyone that will at least listen for two seconds about true protein.

        I even got a PM the other day asking if I was tpc, and do I work at true protein, I said, "No I am banned from there, not enough protein for me and the country all at once".

        Plus I got tired of DC slapping me up side my head and knocking my eyes out of their sockets for giving the wrong information out, so beleive me, that won't happen again, how will I be able to see my food!...
        "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...