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    DC, I HAVE A COUPLE OF QUESTIONS FOR YA..first off, i am finally getting my ass in gear and doing a show again..i plan on hitting it dc style.. i made my best gains last year using this style but, like everyone has done before, i found myself reverting back to more volume problem is this.. when i trained chest last year using dc style, i used alot of hammer machines and smiths..i still have the smith but, lack the hammer machines now.. my favorite thing for chest is db' it possible to get a good workout using db's dc style?? i have yet to try..i plan on getting some db hooks (you may have seen them advertised) to use so that it will not zap my energy cleaning them up.. i figure it might be easier to be able to unhook them from a bar.. my next question is this.. years ago, i tore my quad pretty bad.. after extensive surgery it came back to near normal.. the problem is that the strength difference is still noticeable.. so using both legs at the same time is out..i always use single legged movements..would youu recommend using rest pause techniques one leg at a time or should i stick to straight sets?? i only ask because i imagine the cardiovascular may be taxed before i get to the other leg ect..just curious as to what you think..look forward to hearing from ya ..btw, i saw the thead regarding silverback.. he is gonna do some damage..