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Age and Gear ???

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  • Age and Gear ???

    I was just wondering if age plays a roll in using any gear. Like the older you are the better or worse, anyone know ??

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    From what I have heard you have to be at least 21 to start. If you are older youre test levels are probably lower so you will get more of a 'kick' in test levels when you are older (30 years old +).

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      On one hand, you can be too young to use, as everyone knows. On the other, as you age, it's the choice of gear and the dosages you need that changes. Probably age will bring a wiser and more beneficial use of ancillaries. First time users beyond a certain age will also notice very rapid and pleasing gains, more so than the younger counterparts, obviously because the endogenous levels would be naturally low to start with, and the increase in hormones will revitalize the metabolism like nothing else.


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        Thanks for the replys bro's I will be starting a cycle real soon so time will tell. Thanks again


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          Just make wise and informed decisions and you should be pleased with the results LupoMan.


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            I can speak from experience, seems like the older you are the slower the gains and my dosage is probably a lot higher than most because of the lack of natural production....young or old, diet is so, so, so important and for me is the biggest problem.
            Yeh, if your a first time user and up there in age, you can't believe how much better you feel when you're on
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