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Man i need mass...

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  • Man i need mass...

    as u know im 6 wks in to my cutting cycle im about 12% bf now... I looked in a the mirror today and i was like... Fuk i need MASS...

    Now i have 2 options..

    a) get off the juice now do PCT and then start bullking in3 wks from now..

    b) keep doin what i v been doin for another 6 wks... then go off for 6 wks and then bulk ...( as planned before)

    Which one should i gofor?

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    Anyone can become angry - that is easy, but to be angry with the right
    person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose,
    and in the right way, that is not easy.
    -- Aristotle (384-322 B.C.)


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      Bro-It is a mind fuck. Control it. You decided what you were going to do for a reason. You planned it and you started -NOW you need to finish. Trust me-I hate the way I look now that I am cutting-There are larger High School kids. But If I don't cut the fat off now it will just be that much harder next go around.

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        check it out bro, it is such a mind fuck. it is the "i'm small now disease." check it out, don't look in the mirror and not see mass, make notes of what you are beginning to see. look at teh positive, do your damndest to remember why you started cutting brother. "hold what you got airborne" and just stick with it! if you need positive replys bro, we are here for ya. so here goes....

        summer is right around the corner, so you want to be cut up right? when you get down in BF it will be even more freaky when you start bulking. remember last winter when you bulked and looked like a donut?? well this time you will bulk and still be looking vascular and hard. if all else fails, try searching out a small local bodybuilding contest and aim for it. that is what i do if all else fails. just find your focus buddy!!!!!

        hope that helped,


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          Finish your diet for a couple reasons.

          1. to lean out and see what you have,
          2. finish your diet, then experience the "rebound" you get comming off a diet and back into a growth mode....

          stick it out!
          (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

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            Hey bros thanks for ur input, i am 100 % with u... I am sticking with this all the way now...

            Shivan : hey bro do u know me ? do u have another name?


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              i don't think i know ya bro. i go by shivanemissary on a few other boards and just shivan on here. i like this place though, so i am just going to stick around here.

              was there some comment that i said that made you think i knew you? was it the "bulked like a donut in winter" comment? that was just kinda long shot, i know a ton of people who diet and the only thing that keeps them going with thier diet is the thought and remembrance of how crappy they felt once they finished bulking and went up to about 18% bodyfat.

              if there was something else, then tell me bro, i might just know you from another board or something, who knows. take care, live well.

              Rock on,


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                ohh ok bro i thought u knew me some how, cause u said " remeber last year that u got really fat " lol cause i did get really fat... that was last winter i went up to 20% bf, ( holy shit ) and then i had to cut down to 12% (30lbs) and i lost so much muscle..

                basicly i fucked up, i did my first cycle i went to 205 from 170 then i did a cutting cycle i went down to 168.. wtf is that? ( im 5'6) now im 184 or so.. I am about 12 % right now.. Hopefully i can reach the 200 again this summer, but this time a real 200 , not a fat 200

                take care