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    Starting training for my second competition in the next week or so.
    events are:
    Max log clean and press
    Farmers carry race(100' down, AND back)
    Hummer tire deadlift max weight
    Harnessed Truck Pull
    Stone carry and load(three stones).

    Talked with a buddy of mine regarding this who is a damn good strongman regarding training. We both agree that this, like most competitions, is going to require a ton of posterior chain and upper back strength, along with a TON of conditioning. That 200' farmers carry is going to be BRUTAL. For my weight class it's 255lbs PER HAND.

    Going to work some overhead and a little benching in for the log, and just for balance overall. Also going to do something most guys may not do and hit a lot of biceps work. One of my most beat up muscles the day after, was my biceps! I couldn't pick up a cup of coffee in the AM! There isn't anything that directly uses biceps, but basically everything is using them indirectly...

    So my split is basically going to be:
    Monday- overhead and bench work, maybe biceps on this day too.

    Tuesday- legs. Probably altllernate between squats and front squats, leg curls, and RDL's.

    Thursday- deadlift and upper back.

    Saturday-event work.

    I may only do events every other week to save my back undue strain. And to be honest I don't think a ton of event work will be needed for this. Obvioulsy going to have to train stones and log, but by working my DL in the gym I should be good for the big tire lift. Truck pull... how do you train for that anyway? lol Farmers walk I'll train some static holds and walk with DB's in the gym and outside.

    I'll update as I get it more fleshed out. Saturdays I'm going to go by feel. What can I train, feel like training etc. The gym stuff will be consistent with steady but slow progression.

    I've taken a good bit of time off from the gym to heal up some nagging injuries and feel good now. As a result though I'm going to spend the first 6-8 weeks not working super heavy but working on work volume to prepare for the contest. I'll go progressively heavier and add sets as I go on.
    Heavy squats fix everything.

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    OK, So I have fleshed this out a bit more. I WILL be doing the following split:
    Monday: OH press
    Tue: Squat
    Thur: Pull
    Sat: Events(sometimes I may also throw a Wed. night in there as well).

    My overhead event is going to be a max log, 3 attempts wessels rule. I need to get my triceps, chest and delt's brutally strong. Pressing is my strong point in strongman and I don't have a glaring weakness, like for instance my triceps, so I am going to focus on getting plain old strong.
    So I will be doing standing military press as my movement here.
    Assistance exercises will be: flat bench press, chins, and rows.

    My squat day will focus around high bar squats, followed by romanian deadlifts, and front squats. I'll also be doing some bicep work here. Hammer curls followed by barbell curls, perhaps some 21's or high rep band curls to finish off on occaision.

    Thursday is my pull/dead day. I don't have a good setup to pull of of blocks, so since I'm doing RDL's on Tue, I am going to do some trap bar deficit deads on Thur. I don't typically do a ton of assistance work on days i deadlift, but I will be doing lat pulldowns and yates rows.

    Saturday is event day. I need to work on cleaning the log and stones the most. So I will be working those alternating Saturdays. Working stones along with all my other back stuff tends to be too taxing to do every week, so at least initially stones will be every other week, alternating with the log clean and press. Depending on what is available to use and what people are doing, I'd like to work some keg carrys, as I feel there will be some carry over to the stone carry and load without over stressing my biceps. I'd also like to do some yoke work most weeks for GPP and to become good at it. IT was my most difficult event in my first contest post ACL surgery. Even though it is not in THIS show, it's never a bad idea to be a badass with the yoke.

    I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do a regular block periodization or a modified block. If I was in better shape, I think the modified block would work well, but since I'm not I'm going to do standard block periodization. At least 4 weeks but probably 6 weeks or more in my accumulation phase.
    Heavy squats fix everything.


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      How far out is the competition?