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    Just a little over a week until BSM 2012 kicks off. Land in England in 5 days then heading to the legendary SV Gym for a practice session.

    Let's do this.


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      Living the dream. When you are 80 years old you will look back at this and:
      1- still be shocked you did this
      2- be so incredibly happy that you did
      '17 USAPL Chicago Raw
      17 AAU Super Total
      '16-AAU Hi
      '15-USPA Metro
      '15-USPA State
      '15-AAU HI
      '14-AAU HI
      '14-USPA Metro
      '14-WABDL Sonny's
      '14-USPA State
      '14-HI Strongman
      '13-WABDL Sonny's
      '13-USPA State
      '13-AAU HI
      '11-USPA Metro
      '10-NPC Stingrey
      '09-NPC Islands
      '09-NPC Stingrey
      '09-ABA Islands
      '02-ABA Islands
      '02-ABA IronWorks
      '01-NPC Paradise Cup
      '01-ABA Olympia
      '01-ABA Islands
      '00-NPC Nat.Tri-State
      '00-INBF Musclefest
      '98-NGA Ill
      '98-INBF Ohio


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        Originally posted by trucelt View Post
        Living the dream.
        By that you mean that he gets to meet Red Skull, right???? hahaha
        PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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          Originally posted by trucelt View Post
          Living the dream. When you are 80 years old you will look back at this and:
          1- still be shocked you did this
          2- be so incredibly happy that you did
          Thanks Trucelt, that's kind of my thought process as well. Carpe Diem.

          It'll be nice to show the grandkids the pics., newspaper, clippings, videos, etc.

          "Wow, granddad! Is that a picture of you pulling a bus in England? Wait is this you lifting that huge log and... whooa... granddad, this isn't ... it can't be... is this a picture of you with Red Skull?! Amazing."

          "Yes, that's me when I was younger. And yes, I did know the famous Red Skull."


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            Originally posted by thetim View Post
            All you need is a ton of attitude, attack the tire like you are trying to kill it.

            I would try to get the tire off the ground in a squat position, and just use my legs and lean into the tire until it gets off the ground. Then just get your knee under it, brace yourself and switch your arms to a press position. Then it just turns into a bench type press while leaning into the weight.

            I have only flipped a 600# tire, (600# for 24 flips, current PR) because that is what I have, but in July I will be flipping a 950 for 60 feet, and I'm not even worrying about it because I know that my technique will allow me to flip the tire without getting too tired.
            I actually have an 1100#er in my gym and my advice is this, develop your leg drive. That initial push into the tire driving up 45 degrees is key. Don't squat it, push through it with ruthless aggression and get a knee under it. Inch it up your thigh and kick with everything within you to get your hands turned underneath it. Then SHOVE!

            Hope it helps bro.


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              Thanks Outlaw. When I get back to the tire, I'll try to implement this advice.



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                Just a quick update: Bolton's Strongest Man was an overwhelming success. I was able to hold my own with some of the UK's best. Although I was able to finish no better than sixth, I was able to not completely embarrass myself AND I did not end up in an English hospital.

                I did get to meet the legendary Red Skull, JT, Mark Felix, and a number of other wonderful people and strongmen in England.

                Here is one video of the press medley:




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                  It was great meeting schmoove and his family - nice people. Schmoove as as nice as he seems in his posts on here.

                  Also: schmoove's wife is very cute and TINY. Oh, and not to mention schmoove's dad, who kept me awake by telling me things like the difference between slow and fast twitch fibers. You learn something new every day, when you're around schmoove's dad.
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                  PM me to discuss website/video/dvd etc. related work.


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                    We are hosting a strongman/strongwoman contest here at the gym this summer. If you live in the area (Saint Louis), stop by and check it out. Although we will have one Open Men's division for seasoned competitors, it is geared toward first time and novice competitors.

                    The events are:

                    Event One: Press Medley (Circus Dumbbell, Axle, Log)
                    Event Two: Car Deadlift
                    Event Three: Yoke Walk/Tire Flip Medley
                    Event Four: Carry Medley (Farmers, Atlas Stone, Keg, and Sandbag)

                    The entry fee is only $25 which includes a contest T-shirt for all competitors.

                    See event page below for more information.

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                      Hosting another competition this November in case anyone is interested:

                      All axle bar, all the time. This will be a powerlifting/strongman hybrid competition using the axle bar and Jeep tires for all three events/lifts.

                      Event One: Axle Bar Back Squat for reps (60 second time cap).

                      Event Two: Axle Bar overhead press for reps (60 second time cap.)

                      Event Three: Axle Bar Max Deadlift (last man standing style)

                      Scoring will be done just like a strongman contest where the winner of each event receives one point for every competitor in his/her class, second place one point less than that ,etc. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the highest deadlift wins.

                      The cost to enter is $25 which includes a competition T-Shirt. Entries must be received by Oct. 31st. After that a $5 late fee is added and a T-Shirt can not be guaranteed.


                      Novice Women
                      Open Women
                      Novice Men Lightweight (under 200lbs)
                      Novice Men Heavyweight (201lbs and up)
                      Open Lightweight Men (under 200lbs)
                      Open Heavyweight Men (201lbs and up)
                      Masters Men (40 years old+)


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