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  • top of the morning

    im going to start recording my workouts and events just for myself

    will start with my diet
    Meal 1
    » 150 ml of Liquid Egg Whites.

    » 2 x Whole Eggs.

    » 3 x Wholemeal Toast.

    » 2 x Omega-3 Softgels.
    Meal 2
    » 2 x Wholemeal Bread.

    » 100g Chicken Breast.

    » Salad.

    » Handful of Peanuts.
    Meal 3
    » 75g Wholemeal Pasta (uncooked weight).

    » 150g Chicken breast.

    » Handful of Nuts.

    » 2 x Omega-3 Softgels.
    Meal 4

    » Pre workout.

    » 100g Oats.

    » 300ml Milk.

    » 30g Whey Protein

    Meal 5 » Post Workout.

    » 60g Whey Protein
    » 100g Oats.

    » 150g Salmon Steak.

    » rice.

    » 200g of Green Vegtables.

    Meal 6
    » Pre bed.

    » 35g Protein.

    » A handful of Nuts.

    » 2 x Omega-3 Softgels.

    thats roughy what i eat, well its what im having today the supps i take are L Glutamine, Multi-Vitamin, Whey Protein, ZMA's, Omega-3 Softgels.

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    very tired today so rested for abit but went for a 30min run to as i was bored i felt i needed to do something. i was very surprised my leg where in no pain today and i find i recover very quick after training events have to watch this i dont want to over train.


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      still feeling the effects of the comp yesterday but i thought id do a small workout nothing major it was just to abit of messing to be honest

      incline bp
      90kg x 10
      90kg x 10
      100kg x 10

      db bp.
      28kg x 15
      30kg x 15
      35kg x 15

      upright row
      40kg x 15
      50kg x 15
      60kg x 12

      lat pulldown
      60 x 15
      70 x 15
      80 x 15

      super set biceps and tri's
      ez curl 30kg x 10 rope pulldown 35kg x 10. 2 sets

      cheat bb curls
      60kg x 10
      for 3 sets

      i was tired and only did what i felt like doing starting fresh today, training later
      have a fresh programme ready to kick in


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        100kg warm up 10
        140 x 10
        160 x 10
        180 x 9
        220 x 5

        good mornings
        60 x 10
        70 x 10
        80 x 10

        yoke squat low setting
        150kg x 10
        170kg x 10
        200kg x 15

        leg press
        100kg x 15
        150kg x 15
        250kg x 10
        280kg x 8

        i had no interest doing squats i was just be lazy.

        have started training legs and deads together because i find i am very tired after them very taxing plus i feel stronger from doing the 2 together deads wents up to 270kg from 260kg in about 4 weeks for it so stick with them for an another 2 weeks


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          standing military press
          60kg x 15
          70kg x 10
          80kg x 10
          90kg x 9

          barbell row
          50kg x 15
          65kg x 15
          75kg x 15
          85kg x 12

          dip(i sux at em but i have to start somewhere)

          barbell curl
          40kg x 10
          50kg x 10
          55kg x 10

          cheat bb curl
          70kg x 8
          80kg x 7
          90kg x 5

          finished up with a few light prowler pushes i done them for one min and took a 2 min break and then repeated 4 more times prowler weight was 60kg.

          took today off doing an event day monday two weeks out from next comp


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            only realised i work my arm twice a week hmm i have to change stuff around. anyone any advice on what i have been doing? i need all the advice i get.


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              been sick the last few days so rested last 4 days only felt normal today so did some overhead work

              military press
              65 x 10
              70 x 10
              75 x 10
              80 x 10
              100 x 1
              120 x 1
              130 x 1

              upright row
              65 x 10
              70 x 10
              75 x 10
              80 x 7

              db shoulder press
              25 x 10
              30 x 10
              32.5 x 8
              35 x 5
              40 x 5

              viking press
              90 x 10
              100 x 8
              120 x 11


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                havent been in some time internet had been down so havent been on, but since then ive done two comps and first one i place 10th of 14 which very disappointing only have my self to blame but started first few events and everyone just kept beating me by that little bit but i had a bad day, had another about 3 weeks later and i finished 2nd out of 15 and only finish second by a point or 2, and and i thought i was doing bad because the guy counting scores was adding points wrong but it turned out if i had of got one more stone for reps i could of but i seen alot of guy getting 3 and 4 so i done 5 but if i had of done 6 i would won maybe i was still very happy with my result


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                  congratulations on doing the two comps and placing so well in the second one.