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My back is killing me!

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  • Overhead Press and Tire Flips today..

    Warm up - Jump Rope

    Axle OHP
    75 x 5
    75 x 5
    125 x 5
    165 x 5
    215 x 13 - 2 Rep improvement from last week.
    215 x 10
    255 x 2
    305 x 1
    325 x 0 - was just gassed after all the reps. bummer.

    Tire Flips - 30 Seconds
    600lb x 10
    800 x 8
    800 x 8 -

    Should be able to get 9, maybe squeak out 10 at the comp with a straight away!

    My conditioning is better right now than it has been in a long time.. about 5 years probably.. Looking forward to my upcoming competition. Feelin pretty solid at about 304.5 lbs


    • Back/Bis

      Bent Over Rows
      135 x 10
      225 x 5
      315 x 14
      225 x 20
      225 x 10

      Pull Downs
      180 x 10
      180 x 10

      Reverse Grip
      180 x 10
      180 x 10

      Bicep Curls
      50 x 10
      55 x 10
      60 x 10
      65 x 10

      Concentration Curls.. ya thats right lol.
      30lbs x 15 x 3

      Sledge Hammer
      30 reps x 2 sets

      Boxing 3min x 3 rounds


      • Today was the first time ive ever focused on the RT.. I deadlifted with Straps first then went straight to the RT due to limited time in the gym today.

        Was very happy. Hit 232 with both hands then 242 with my right pretty easily.. got 252 off the ground but could not quite hold onto it. I suppose 250+ is right around the corner.

        Ive decided that after my Strongman Competiton on Feb 19th im actually going to make Grip my focus for a while and all of my other lifts will be my accessory. My body is feeling rather beaten up and id like to make a run at this grip stuff for a while. So I guess Grip and Throwing will be my main focuses.

        232 Both Hands

        242 Right Hand


        • bad ass stuff, you are decently close to the record:

          * if that is still the current record.


          • Yaaaa... 301 is a beast of a pull though. Im gonna start focusing on this now.


            • rolling thunder is the 1 habded thing right? i dont have the specific equipment but i tried one amr deadlifts with a bar & got 165. felt a hard pull on the biceps tendon. should you have strong bis for one arm lifts?