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July 9th Strongman/Strongwoman Comp in Saint Louis

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  • July 9th Strongman/Strongwoman Comp in Saint Louis

    If you were looking for a strongman competition this summer, check this out. I posted a link to the event page below as well as some general information.

    Huge objects will be pressed, a car will be lifted, stones will be hoisted, and you won't want to miss it. Join us for this exciting strongman/strongwoman competition. The event is free to all spectators.

    This competition will have teen, novice, and open classes. The entry fee is $40 which includes a contest T-shirt. If you need an entry form, just let me know and I'll send you one. Awards/Medals will be given to the top three in each division.
    *The top three in all the Open and Teen classes qualify for Nationals.

    This is also a United States Strongman sanctioned competition so you'll need to have your U.S.S. membership ($20). You can purchase it ahead of time or on the day of the show.

    Teen Women (one class) - 19 and under
    Teen Men (one class) - 19 and under
    Master's Women (one class) - 40 and over
    Master's Men (one class)- 40 and over
    Novice Women's Lightweight - 148lbs and under
    Novice Women's Heavyweight - 1491lbs and up
    Novice Men's Lightweight - 198lbs and under
    Novice Men's Heavyweight - 199lbs and up
    Open Women's Lightweight - 148 and under
    Open Women's Heavyweight - 149 and up
    Open Men's Lightweight - 181lbs and under
    Open Men's Middleweight - 220lbs and under
    Open Men's Heavyweight - 221lbs and up

    *The top 3 in the Teen, Masters, and Open classes all qualify for Nationals.


    1) Press Medley ( Circus Dumbbell, Axle, and Log): Each competitor must complete one rep with each implement and then as many reps as possible with the log. 60 second time limit.

    2) Deadlift Medley (Trap Bar or Frame, Axle with Jeep Tires, and Car): Each competitor must complete a rep with each implement and then as many reps as possible with the car. 60 second time limit.

    3) Load Medley (Sandbag, Mystery Item, and Keg): Each competitor must load the first two implements and the load the keg over bar for as many reps as possible. 60 second time limit.

    4) Thor's Hammer Hold: Each competitor will hold the hammer for as long as possible. Longest time wins. Competitors will go head to head based on placing for the first three events.