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  • Let's get this thing going!

    This could be a good thing here(the strongman forum), as there is not a lot out there forum wise. There is ONE good one out there that I'm sure the strongman competitors know about, BUT IM is a pretty cool forum in that it offers some good info on PL, BB and diet as well.

    So if you have a contest coming up, post it up. Run a training log, etc.

    Me, I'm about to start training for NC Strongest Man and Woman on May
    30'th. We've got a pretty sweet venue for this thing, it's actually in a 25000 sq foot arena! I haven't seen any amateur shows in a place like this. It's being done in conjunction with a USAPL powerlifting meet, so it should be pretty kick ass day.
    Heavy squats fix everything.

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    Good on! This was posted in January where are you at on your goal? How are you feeling? I started training a month or so ago for strongman and plan to go to my first, get your feet wet, competition at the end of October. Currently my coach switches everyday of my training. I can feel myself getting stronger and faster,it's hard for me to maintain the diet level my coach asks of me. I'm not used to eating so much, and it's difficult for me. Past experience has made it hard for me to push past the asshats. I'm ready to move more, lift more, and fights bears on top of mountains!