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  • increase stamina

    Let me know one thing what do you think which is best method to boast stamina..?? Jumping rope or other cardio..??
    your views about it??

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    Personally I think your asking the wrong question.

    What reason are you wanting to increase stamina-
    Particular Sport
    Recover quicker between sets
    Overweight and want to get fitter
    Just want to start hitting the road and doing 10k/half marathon/marathon

    Depending on why you want to improve stamina and then telling us where your currently at now with your stamina/conditioning/Diet/Weight.. Will mean a different answer for each.

    Improving stamina for Soccer/Football is completely different to developing it for 10k/marathons. Same goes for Powerlifting and Strongman..Different needs and requirements.

    I assume I know your answer as to why you want to improve it..but you know what they say about assuming..Makes and A$$ out of me and you


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      You can boast about your stamina to anyone.
      To boost your stamina run long distance like 1 or 2 miles. Gradually increase this distance until you think your stamina is good enough. Also do lots of suicides or wind sprints. Make sure you practice sprints in repetitions.