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    Looking to get some solid suggestions from the crowd that IS here, and use you guys as a building block to get what the vets around here want. We really need more traffic in this section, QUALITY traffic, not blind random bullshit traffic. Here are a few ideas I've got:

    1. Get some good solid Q and A threads with some known competitors. There are times where pro's in our sport will answer an email Q and A, it'd be easy to post that up, not as fun as having them on here picking their brain, but we could put up a thread and get a list of questions YOU want answered by them, send it off, then post it up once they're done. This has worked decently well in the past.

    2. Get ACTIVE Q and A threads here with our very own competitors among us. Also see about scheduling times for chat sessions with pros who are willing to spend 30 minutes or so of their time in here.

    3. More More MORE videos (strongman/strongwoman, sorry no random porn clips) of events training and competitions. If you're prepping for a competition, and you record, start including those bad boys in the video section. We'd also like to see some famous/legendary clips that paved the way for the sport.

    Any other ideas, send them on.
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