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board presses carrying over to over head?

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  • board presses carrying over to over head?

    i spose i should start with some info in me eh?
    My name is Jay. im from nova scotia canada. been competing in strongman 6 years now, ill be 25 in 5 days. 6'2" 270 lbs.
    best lifts
    500 raw squat/675 single ply
    585 raw dead/705 single ply
    405 raw bench
    305 log
    450 lb farmers walkx30 feet
    1040 yokex 15 feet
    260/280/320/360/380 stone series havent tried heavier in years
    295 power clean

    my question is, have any of you guys used board presses to help your over head lock outs? or just used them for bench and noticed a significant difference in your over head?

    last season and the one before i made huge leaps in my over head pressing, but this season has been kinda crappy. ive tried what worked before, tried some new stuff and my over head really has been stagnant and even had some reverse progress!

    i tend to keep it simple
    front push press or behind the neck push press
    side laterals or upright rows
    reverse pec deck or rear laterals
    some sort of strict press

    and for triceps ive always relied on heavy cg bench, dips, and decline db skull crushers primarilly throwing in some other lifts now and then to keeep things fresh.

    i did floor presses for a while, and they seemed to do more elbow damage than good. they helped some but every time my elbows touched down i felt pain in my elbows and wrists, boards seem like a good sub for them. but i was wondering if anyone here had any results from them as far as over head goes. and maybe other things you guys have done to build a big over head

    thanks guys

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    Any sort of heavy tricep work will have a good carryover to overhead stuff.

    Have you ever considered JM presses? I noticed you said you got elbow problems from floor presses, and I find JM presses to be quite easy on the elbows if you do them right.
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      i HAVE tinkered with JM's in the past. like GM's i just cant seem to get comfortable with the exercise. its like i feel im doing more of a close grip press, and everything i read, except the name, says its more of an extension


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        I have done plenty of board presses to improve overhead lockout as well as heavy partial overhead lockouts in the rack


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            Partial lock outs in a rack, JM presses, and board presses ALL helped my overhead. I did more JMs and board presses when prepping for pl meets, but really focused on rack lockouts any other time.
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              Best thing that has worked for mine is just rotating, every month or so, between different overhead variations:

              Standing Military - paused/full reps with lockout
              Standing Military - 3/4 rom piston reps (higher reps)
              Seated Barbell
              Seated Dumbell
              Log Military
              Log Seated
              Log Steep Incline (70 degree - they used to do this in strongman comps in the 90s)
              Reg Park Press
              Arnold Press
              Barbell Clean every rep and Press

              Usually alternate between a standing military with low(er) reps and seated with high reps.

              Dunno if this actually helps progress as much as the fucking OHP just progresses so slowly it gives the illusion it does. LOL
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                Don't forget to hammer that upper back and lats as you need to be stable to press effectively.

                I'm coming from a position though where my shoulders and tri's are much stronger than my back and back work helps my OHP a lot (and in relation when i overdue it and my back is sore and weak my OHP blows).