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1 arm overhead press

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    I'm a big fan of the push press. It really seems to help with max effort work since you are using an explosive movement. I also seem to get a lot of Hypertrophy carryover by controlling the negative. I've had good success on these with Barbell, Dumbells and on arm Dumbell.

    This may not carryover to what you are doing, but what I'm experimenting with currently is a maximum strength shoulder press with 2 warm ups of 5 reps and 3 work sets of 5. I make sure I rest 3 minutes between sets unless I superset them with pullups to save time and then I'll rest 1.5 minutes after each set. Then the next workout I do the same thing, but I superset that with a set of 10 doing speed work (medicine ball, or bands, or push press using lighter weight). I'll try to update in a few weeks to let you know how it goes.
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      Ok two bullshit posts in a row on a decent thread.


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        Originally posted by big ross View Post
        Ok two bullshit posts in a row on a decent thread.
        I've been reporting quite a bit of spam lately, including "Damon" up there.
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          Yeah he's just spamming. I got a Pm from some guy about another forum and reported it. Probably VKK, found some way to get in an troll more lol.