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    I am looking for some ideas on any exciting mix of events for my competitions.

    Here are the events for the last 3 shows I have promoted.

    Show #1:
    Crucifix Hold for Time
    Deadlift 2” Axel for Reps (60 sec)
    Log Press -Clean Each Rep (60 sec)
    Farmers Hold For Time
    Atlas Stone Load (5 Stones, 60 sec 48” Platform)
    (*This show was indoor and the venue was worried about the carpet, so everything was stationary. Next year we are allowed to have events in motion)

    Show #2
    Tire Flip 80 feet (60 sec)
    Press Medley - Keg, Axel, Log (60 sec)
    2”Axel Deadlift - Reps (60 sec)
    Yoke/Farmers Medley (75 sec total; Unlimited Drops)
    5 Atlas Stone Load (60 sec 52” Platform)

    Show #3
    Overhead Press Medley (Atlas Stone, Keg, Axel, Log)
    Tire Flip
    Keg Carry/Farmers Walk Medley
    Keg Toss
    Atlas Stones
    (*This show is on grass)

    Equipment I have:
    Viking Press
    Conans Wheel (2 But Not Matching)
    Farmers (3 Sets, only 2 sets match)
    *500# Frame
    *Car Deadlift
    Atlas Stones (115# - 410#)
    Atlas Stone Platform (5 Stone Platform)
    2 Inch Axel (2 Matching, both with Tires)
    Tires (250# - 1000#)
    Kegs (Empty and Weighted: 185, 200, 225, 255, 275)
    Kegs Uprights (For Throwing, are being made now)
    Logs (90#, 110#, 135#)
    *Rolling Thunder
    Probably More Equip But I Cannot Think of it...
    (*Equip I do not own but can borrow from someone else)

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    Car Deadlift for reps
    Tire / keg carry medley
    OHP (viking, or a few implements in a row)
    Sled drag/farmers medley
    Atlas Stone(s)


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      I'm traditional competition format:
      press medley
      deadlift last man standing axle
      farmers/keg medley
      conan's wheel
      stone series

      In a different format:
      tire flip, most flips in 2 mins
      farmers walk, max distance, one drop allowed with 10sec limit for re-pickup
      deadlift medley
      axle clean and press each rep
      atlas stones to max height, last man standing.


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        Events where you can put the competitors head to head, like an overhead press event or Farmer's, are always exciting. And the bus pull, if you can borrow one, is always a hit.