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  • upper body strongman

    This might be dum,but I'm new to strongman,and I really cnat see event exercises,that work jus your pushing muscles, like the fingal fingers looks like a big one,but any other event I could do that works your pushing muscles hard, like your shoulders and chess.
    Btw: I have kegs,tires,sandbag,and ropes if this helps.

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    well the only ones really are the log press/overhead press events, fingers and alittle bit on tire.

    Strongman is a lot of back strength and leg strength.
    "BBing should be a lifetime pursuit or are you are missing the point . Make that in your plans from the very begining .Take it as far as you wish [ and genetics will allow ] , but don't miss what bbing is suposed to be about .Or you really will be missing out ....." - IABADMAN

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      Try doing overhead press with your sandbag and kegs.