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    what can you do to get your car pulling better,is there any specific exercises.. or is there anything else you can/get the workout of pulling a car

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    Are you talking about arm over arm or with a harness? I would assume you're talking about with a harness. We do band harness pulls to keep conditioning up... using a harness, connect it via iron woody bands and wrap the bands around a squat rack bolted to the ground and walk out and back and out and back for 60 seconds. Keep your quads and calves strong, they're key, as well as upperbody when you have a rope assist.

    This is how I like to replicate a car/truck/semi pull... but it never really replaces actually doing it. If you don't have a harness you can get 2 - 10' tow straps and place them in an X across the front of your body and caribeen them to bands and use it as a cheap alternative to having a harness.