Hi there, i'm new here so help me out if poss.

I'm over the pond in England right now, but moving to my father land of bonnie Scotland in a few months wher i'll have access to strongman facilities. In the meantime I wanna build a bid of experience and strength ready for it. I have access to a large tyre, log training bar, 150lb sandbag, Trap Bar, barbell and plenty of discs. I've been weight training for a few years and have a good strength level.

I've figured this routine so let me know what you think

Sun Trap bar dlift 5x5, Dumbell farmers walk, dumbell rows, glute ham raises, calf work, sandbag carries, log bar curls.

Mon off

Tues Karate

Wed, Log Bar Press 5x5, Dips 5x5

Thur, Tyre flips, front squat, glute ham raise, calf work (all higher reps for endurance/hypertrophy)

Fri off

Dumbell press, Thick bar shoulder press, Tri Ext

What y'all think??

Cheers in advance