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  • question about sm contests

    I hope you guys can bear with me I went to the WSM contest in Charleston this summer and watching really lit some kind of fire in my behind and thought it would be a great way to spend my time trying to maybe get in a contest one day. I just had some questions maybe someone wouldnt mind answering.

    First do the have age groups for any of the contests. Im in my forties.

    I think I saw in a thread were there are 2 weight classes 232 and over.

    I am in my forties and have no power lifting background, I mainly have just fooled around here and there over the years not getting serious at any point. Im 6,0 270 pounds I grew up on I guess you could say a farm and built up pretty big legs from carrying hay, feed, fence posts etc up a hill to the barn. But I have never squated or deadlifted, I have spent some time over the years working upper body but nothing serious. Do you think at my age and not having done any kind of powerlifting I would be wasting my time trying to maybe get in a strongman event some day.

    What would be a normal weight someone would need to bench press, overhead press, squat, deadlift before even thinking about getting into a contest. I did go out and get a tire that weighs 895 pounds which I can flip pretty well and have a stone weighing 200 pounds I can carrying around a bit. Would you have to deadlift with a regular bar to build up back strength or would a homemade car lift be ok.

    I have been hitting it very hard since going to the WSM but I really get discouraged when I see videos of guys shoulder pressing 400 hundred pounds or more, and deadlifting 1000 pounds

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    hey stick - you could def make a run at strongman, just not what you saw in charlestown right away want to check out That's the amerature company for strongman. There is a contest right near you at pro performance in morgantown, wv that takes place in april. I'd shoot for this contest if i were you. They have a masters division, which you'll have to check, but i think that's what division you could qualify for....usually it's 40 years and older. Yes there are divisions 232-265 and 266-300, sometimes they vary a couple of pounds, every promoter is different.

    PM me if you want any more details, good luck!
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      cool Im going to drive around and pick up some big rocks from along the road to pratice lifting them onto a barrel.