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Anyone do brick lifting?

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  • Anyone do brick lifting?

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    if so, are the bricks typically unattached (and balanced), or is it also common to attach them together with something like cement?...

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    The only brick lifting competitions I have heard of involved a large pallet of bricks. This had chains attached to it and the lifter would stand above on a rig or scaffold and lift it up in a one armed deadlift.basically they would start at say 70 bricks (although I don't Know the exact total) and have rounds adding bricks each time.through an elimination process it would come down in the end to 1 man.
    They also had a womans one. This was in England a few years back.


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      I work at Lowes...does that count? Ive heard of this, but never done it myself.

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        My max is a 500 bricks, 70 bricks is only chump weight.

        But it was on wheels.